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"Phoenix", Amarillo Bay

"The Wallet",

"Curative Fiction - On Cooley, Mothers, & Crises of Faith", Crack the Spine

"Fresh Flavors!", Editor, The American Women's Literary Club 90th Anniversary Commemorative Bilingual Cookbook with Chef Kim Allen-Jones, 2012.
Print copies available in Lima, digital available via,,

Co-producer, Research and Concept for "The King of the Desert is Dying" Documentary short directed by Delia Ackerman 2008, Lima, Peru: winner of Environmental Award FONACO (Cusco Film Festival Nov 2008); Award, Romanian Film Festival 2009; Best Production, CONACINE, Peru 2009

"The Call of the Guarango: Echoes of Ancient Forests", Fall 2008, THOTH Foundation

"Breakout", RiverSedge, Vol.XXI No. 1, Spring 2008, University of Texas-Panamerican Press, Edinburg, TX

"On Being Liberated by the Failing Preciseness of Memory", The Griffin, 2008, Gwyedd Mercy College, PA

"Copal-Cabana", Diner Literary Journal, Vol. 7, 2007, Poetry Oasis, Worcester, MA

"Doppleganger Sonata", The Macguffin, Spring 2005, Volume XXI Number 3, Schoolcraft College (nominated for Puschcart Prize)

"Visit with a Forgotten People", Postroad No. 10, 2005, Cambridge, MA

"Doppleganger Sonata", Mangrove 2003, Number Twelve, University of Miami

"Reflections", Multimedia exhibit, Lima 1992

"Pasos", Multimedia exhibit, Lima 1991

"North," Latin America Press, Lima, Peru, September 1990

Untitled poems, Wind Five Folded, Weichold, ed. AHA Books, Gualala CA 1994
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