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Material copied from "Genealogy of the Smith Family of Rockingham County, North Carolina" by J. Fletcher Smith Cedar Grove, GA (Walker County) (1903)."

"Mrs. Emily Smith was born in Georgia more than eighty years ago, and died at the home of her eldest son, Mr. T. S. (Thomas Samuel) Smith, of Opelika, December 24, 1898, where she had been tenderly and lovingly cared for in her old age and in her afflictions.

"The writer first met Sister Smith in the fall of 1857, and then she was an 'Amen-corner', member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of Oakbowery. She was called 'The best woman in the community'. When the bell rang at the old Oakbowery church, Sister Smith, through summers heat or winters cold, night or day, was in her accustomed place, the 'Amen-corner'. And to sit near her and hear her talk to the class leader once a month was to make one a better man or woman, and to fill their souls full of higher and holier aspirations.

"Like Enoch, Sister Smith 'walked with God'; and for more than seventy years of her life and character have been living epistle of piety read and known of all that knew her. Such an imminently meek and quiet spirit, her heart overflowed with the charity of the gospel; her love to the Savior, and to all who bore his image and name; her lively and active interest in all that appertained to the welfare of the church, and the conscientiousness and fidelity with which she discharged all the duties which belonged to her in the varied relations of life, were open and obvious to all who were about her, and told, as not even a dying triumphal sound could told, the reality of her piety and the maturity of her preparation for a brighter and better world beyond.

"Beautiful indeed was the life of Sister Smith, made so by faithful service to God, and daily communion with the Master; may all the seed sown by her Godly life bring forth fruit to the honor and glory of his name.

"On Christmas day, 1898, in the church of Opelika, her pastor, Bro. McGehee, spoke lovingly of her, paying a true tribute to her worth. Bro. Williamson, who had known her for more than fifty years, and had often met her in class meeting, prayed the concluding prayer, and her body was borne to the grave.

"'Life's duty done, as sinks the clay,
Light from its load the spirit flies;
While heaven and earth combine to say,
How blessed the righteous when he dies'."

[signed] J. H. Harris

pp. 35-36. Copied and shared by Ann Mellard.

Mary E. Smith, a tribute from her daughter

My Mother, the oldest daughter of Thomas and Mary (Cole) Allen, was born near Watkinsville, Clark(e) County, Georgia September 14, 1814; was married to Joshua Smith December 20, 1832 and died in Opelika, (Alabama) December 24, 1898 having 66 descendants living at the time of her death, viz.: 7 children, 40 grand children, and 19 great grand children, living in five different states..

She was converted and joined the church at fourteen years of age, hence she was a member of the Methodist Church more than 70 years. As to the genuineness of her conversion, her children and all who knew her can testify that a more exemplary Christian never lived. In all my recollections of her, I have never known her to be guilty of a single wrong action. She was called to pass through as many trials, too, as falls to the lot of mortals, yet I have never known her to deviate from the right in a single instance.

Paralyzed in lower limbs at the age of 78, she was rendered as helpless as an infant, and yet, I who nursed her carefully during the six years of her confinement, never knew her to complain, although she retained her mental faculties to the last. What wonderful faith and resignation was displayed. She was a model woman in every particular.

Having reared a family of nine children mostly by her energy and industry, well might it be said of her, "She looked well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness"

She left no living testimony, yet we know she has joined father, mother, brothers and sister, and two oldest children (Ann and Nat) in that bright Home above, and is free from pain and sorrow.

May each of her seven children and surviving sisters strive to meet her on that beautiful shore when the storms of life are o'er.

Opelika, Alabama January 10, 1899.
Signed: Mary E. Smith

Thomas S. Smith


"Is the Long and Useful Life of Thomas S. Smith,**


"He was on of Opelika's Wealthiest and Most Highly Respected Citizens.--A Sister's Tribute.

"In spite of all that medical skill could accomplish, or loving hands do, the death angel hovered for a moment over the bedside of Thomas S. Smith Saturday afternoon and his spirit was 'At Rest' from all suffering and pain.

"For four years or more he had been a sufferer from Bright's disease [1] and for several days previous to his death the end had been hourly expected.

"Mr. Smith was 63 years of age, and by industry and good business management had accumulated considerable wealth. His had been a long, useful and honorable life, and no man was held in higher esteem by his fellow man than he.

"In all his dealings with his fellow man he lived up to the golden rule, and did unto others as he would have them do unto him.

"He was not a member of the church, but in his last hours he expressed himself as ready to go.

"No man ever had a truer friend than Thomas S. Smith, and many are the men in this city and section who feel that in his death they have lost a friend who was a friend indeed.

"His funeral took place from the family residence Sunday morning, the services being conducted by Dr. J. W. Shoaff, pastor of the Methodist Church. The following gentlemen acted as pallbearers: R. M. Greene, J. P. Duffey, . H. Clower, Phil Avery, J. C. Edwards, W. R. Watts, Geo. Faucett, A. M. Buchannan. [2]

"He is survived by his wife and four daughters, Mrs. L. F. Dickson, Mrs. I. J. Dorsey, Mrs. C. G. Lee and Miss Estelle Smith."

Woman sitting at a desk

"Below we publish a tribute to his memory by his sister, Mary E. Smith:"


"Thomas S. Smith was born in LaFayette, Ala., October 7, 1939, the 4th child of Joshea [3] and Emily Smith, and the grandson of Thomas and Mary Allen. He had a pious ancestry; was baptized when an infant and at the age of 20 That would have been about 1859. The Civil War was to come in 1861.. . . years earnestly sought religion, but did not obtain satisfactory assurances of his acceptance with God, and so drifted into the world. He was a man of fine business sense, the soul of honor and integrity; strictly honest and truthful in all his dealings with his fellow men. He was respected and loved by all who knew him. He was reared in the Sunday school and church, and baptized by the prayers and tears of a remarkable pious mother.

"He suffered with an incurable disease for more than 4 years, which wrought out for him a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. He was the subject not only of a mother's prayer, but of other loved ones and friends, and God heard those prayers and counted those tears. He gave a clear and bright manifestation of his acceptance, saying repeatedly 'It is all right,', 'Thy will be done, higher'. The funeral service as conducted by Dr. Shoaff, April 20, at 10 o'clock, were remarkably sweet and impressive, and so consoling. May his death be sanctified to the good of all his loved ones and friends, and may we be an unbroken household is the prayer of his sister,

(Signed) Mary E. Smith

Opelika, Ala., April 22, 1902.

green ink penNotes:
1) Bright's disease: ". . . kidney disease characterized by the presence of  albumin  in  the urine; nephritis." Simon & Schuster, Inc., Webster's  New  World Dictionary Second College Edition, (1984), p. 177

2) Mr. Clower and Mr. Buchanan's names were punched out when holes were made in copy. Believe that Mr. Buchanan's surname is correct. [Copyist: Kmc]

3) Joshua.

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Smith, John; Gurley, Nance, Allen, McGee

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