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Application to Probate Will of Mollie E. Smith, Decd.

LEE COUNTY       )
Probate Court

To the HONORABLE G. P. BUTLER, Judge of Probate

Your petitioner, I. J. DORSEY, respectfully shows unto your Hon:

1.   That MISS MARY E. SMITH (known as Mollie E. Smith) died in Opelika, Alabama, on the 15th day of July 1932, and at the time of her death was a resident of Lee County, Alabama.

2.   That the said Mary E. Smith left a last will and testatment made by her on the 13th day of August 1929, in the presence of Mrs. W.P. Pearson and John V. Denson, whose names are signed to the said will as witnesses.

3.   That the said Mary E. Smith left surviving her the following as her only next of kin, to wit:

A.   J. S. (Josh Soule) Smith, a brother over 21, who lives at Weatherford, Texas

B.   The children of Cassie McCrary, a decd sister:
B-1   W. W. McCrary, over 21, residence unkown
B-2   P. R. McCrary, over 21, residence unkown
B-3   Lena McCrary, over 21, who resides at Lakeland, Fla.

C.   The descendants of Bill (William Cole) Smith, decd brother:
C-1   Aubrey Smith, who resides at Shamrock, Texas
C-2   Thomas Smith, who resides at Shamrock, Texas
C-3   Walter Smith, who lives at 149 Ave H Park Detroit,Mich
C-4   Mrs. Ida Whitman, who lives at Elba, Alabama
C-5   Oswald Smith, who lives at Elba, Alabama
C-6   Claude Smith, who lives at Elba, Alabama
C-7   Alri Smith, who lives at Springdale, Alabama
C-8   Lee Smith, who lives at Elba, Alabama
C-9   Mrs Daisy Winston, who resides at Elba, Alabama
C-10   J. D. Smith, who lives at Elba, Alabama
C-11   Mrs. Orrie Vaughn, who resides at Elba Alabama
C-12   Kirby Smith, decd, whose children are:
            Mrs. Allen Clark;   Willie K. Smith;   Charles Smith
            of Birmingham, Alabama.

D.   The children of Mrs. Susie Ellis, a decd sister:
D-    Mrs. Eugene Ragland, residence unkown
D-    Mrs. Hill Veasy, residence unkown
D-    Mrs. Ben Hill, residence unkown

E.   The descendants of Hudson Allen Smith, decd brother:
E-1   Mrs. Emma Huffstutler, Birmingham, Alabama
E-2   Mrs. I. W. Robinson, Los Angeles, California
E-3   Children of Nat Smith, a decd son of Hudson A. Smith
            (Names unkown)

F.   The descendants of Thomas S. Smith*, decd brother:
F-1   Mrs. Estelle Jackson of Birmingham, Alabama
F-2   Mrs. Melie Dorsey of Opelika, Alabama
F-3   Mrs. Kate P. Lee of Opelika, Alabama
F-4   Children of Mrs. Electra Hopson, decd dau of Thomas Smith
            (Names not listed)

G.   The descendants of Mrs. Ann Eliza Ingram McGehee, a decd sister:
**G-1   Mrs. Lizzie Murphy
G-2   Lovick Pierce McGehee
G-3   Mrs. Roberta (B.W./W.B.) Mellard of Fordyce, Arkansas

Ann Mellard *  *  * Note:
       None of  G-  descendants were known except Mrs. W.  B. (B.  W.)  Mellard, but I added the other two, Lizzie Murphy and Lovick McGee.
Ann Mellard

Ann Mellard        I am sure that anything that Aunt Mollie Smith had was willed to the descendants of Thomas S. Smith *(see F) as he kept both his mother, Emily Byars Allen SMITH and his sister Mollie E. Smith as long as they lived. (His mother was an invalid for six years and Aunt Mollie took care of her in his home.) Then she stayed with Tom's wife as long as she lived. So the purpose of a will should have been to see that anything left should go to that group, because IF she had property or money, it came from Thomas S. Smith estate...and rightfully should go back to that estate...

Thanks to Aunt Mollie, we do know which ones and how many of her relatives were living and where in 1932. That was a good legacy for us!

Ann Mellard

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