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Copy of original, supplied by Patsy A. Rabjohn Gatliff, 8 February 1992 and 10 March 1992.

Tuesday February 16th 1875

Estate of James Hunt, Decd

Now on this day comes Eli W. Gladden Administrator of said Estate and files his Petition for an Order Authorizing him to make a Deed for Certain lands belonging to said Estate, which is in words and figures as follows to wit. After setting out address &e,

"The Petition of Eli W. Gladden as administrator of the Estate of James Hunt deceased, would respectfully show unto your honor that the said James Hunt in his life time nominated, constituted and appointed one G. W. Woodard of the County of Winston in the State of Mississippi, his true and lawful attorney to sell the following land lying in said County and State, to wit;

SE 1/4 of Sec. 33, and W1/2 of S.W.1/4 of Sec. 34, T.16 R.11 about 200 acres.

And would further state that he is advised and believes that the said Woodard, did sell said land to one Jack Pettigrew Miller, for the sum of Five hundred Dollars.

Would further state unto his honor that he is advised by the said G. W. Woodard that the said sum of Money - with all Costs and interest has been fully paid to him, and that he is ready and willing to forward the same upon a reception of a Deed for the same.

Would further represent that some of the heirs of Said Estate are minors and as such are disqualified to sign a deed for said Land.

The premises considered your Petitioner[s] prays your honor to make an order, authorizing him to make a Deed to Said Lands to the said Jack Petigrew Miller and forward the same to the said G. W. Woodard to be by him turned over to the said purchaser of Said Land,

And as in duty bound he will every pray &e,

Eli W. Gladden
Administrator of the Estate of James Hunt, deceased

Said Petition being verified by proper affidavits and the Court being satisfied that the prayer of said petition should be granted.

It is ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court here, that Said Eli W. Gladden as administrator as a fore said, make and deliver to the said G. W. Woodard, a Deed in fee simple for said lands to be delivered to the said Jack Petigrew Miller together with a certified transcript of this Order.
Tuesday Feby 16 1875

"Estate of James Hunt deceased,
Now on this day the Petition of J. C. and T. J. Hunt Heirs of said James Hunt Deceased for an order authorizing and requiring Eli W. Gladden Admr of said Estate to make Deeds to them for Certain lands, is filed herein and after setting out, address &e is in words and figures as follows to wit;

The Petition of Joel Cierero Hunt, and Thomas J. Hunt, Heirs at Law of James Hunt Late of Said County but now deceased,
     Would respectfully represent and show unto your honor, that the said James Hunt, departed this life in the said County of Yell on or about the 19th day of March A D 1870, intestate, leaving him surviving, the Heirs of Martha Walden, the heirs of Richard H. Hunt who are minor heirs of said deceased, William J. Hunt, Elizabeth T. Gladden, wife of Eli W. Gladden, Alfred M. Hunt, the Heirs of James M. Hunt, Minors, Beverly D. Hunt, Sarah C. Gladden, wife of William L. Gladden, John Wesley Hunt, and your petitioners who are adult heirs of said James Hunt, deceased, and Jane T. Hunt, widow and relict of said deceased. All of whom are still living,

     would further represent and show unto your honor that in the lifetime of the said James Hunt he made a disposition and division of his lands amongst his said heirs and in doing so he gave to all of his said children except the said Martha Walden, to the said James W. Hunt, and the said Richard H. Hunt in their life time such land as he wished them to have and to all of such lands so given us aforesaid to his children the said James Hunt deceased. Except, to your petitioners executed and delivered Deeds,

     Would further show unto your honor that at the time of the death of said deceased, your Petitioners were minors residing with him and their mother, that in making division of his lands as aforesaid he the said James Hunt deceased gave to your Petitioners as Tenants in Common the following lands lying in said Yell County in the State of Arkansas to wit:

     The south half and north west quarter of the South East quarter of Section twenty six, and part of the north half of the north East quarter of Section thirty five Township four north Range twenty three west, twenty acres off of the south side of the last mentioned tract was allotted to and given to William Gladden and the said Sarah C. Gladden his wife in the said division that said lands contain in the aggregate about One Hundred and Eighty Acres.

     Would further represent that your petitioners have had possession of and resided on said land ever since the death of their father and still reside on the same and hold possession of said lands in Common - and that they are now both of the full age of twenty one years. Would further show unto your honor that it has always been well known and understood amongst the said brother and Sisters of your Petitioners that the above described lands were given to your petitioners by their Said Father in his life time as their shares in his land, and that all of said adult heirs are now willing for your Petitioners to have a Deed for the same --

     Would further represent that on or about the 14th day of April 1870, the said Eli W. Gladden was by the proper authority in the said County of Yell appointed administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels lands and tenements rights and credits of the said James Hunt deceased.

Administration Record - James Hunt
Copy of original, supplied by Patsy A. Rabjohn Gatliff, 8 February 1992


Age of twenty one years

Alfred M.

Appointed administrator


Beverly D.

County of Winston


Deed; Land

  Sale to Jack P. Miller

Deed; Lands

  belonging to Estate

  Winston Co., MS

Eli W. Gladden

Elizabeth T. Gladden


  Eli W. Gladden, Administrator

Estate of James Hunt

  Alfred M.

  Beverly D.

  Death 19 Mar 1870


  Deeds; J. C. & T. J. Hunt

  Eli W. Gladden, Admr

  Elizabeth T. Gladden


  J. C. & T. J. Hunt

  James Died Intestate

  James M., Heirs

  John Wesley

  June T., Widow & relict

  Martha Walden, heirs of

  Minor heirs

  Richard H. Hunt, heirs of

  Sarah C. Gladden

  William J.

Estate of James Hunt Decd

  Administrator E. W. Gladden

  Order Authorizing Deed

  Petition of Eli W. Gladden


  Eli W. spouse of Elizabeth T.

  Elizabeth T. Hunt, spouse of Eli W.


  Sarah C., spouse of Wm. L.

  William L., spouse of Sarah C.

Heirs; Land

Heirs; Land

  exception James W. Hunt

  exception Martha Walden

  exception Richard H. Hunt


  Alfred M.

  Beverly D.

  Elizabeth T. (Gladden)

  James M.

  James; Estate

  Joel Cicrero

  John Wesley

  June T., Widow & relict

  Martha (Walden)

  Petition of J. C. & T. J.

  Richard H.

  Sarah C. (Gladden)

  Thomas J.

  William J.

James Hunt

James Hunt


James M.

James W.

Joel Cierero

John Wesley

June T. Hunt



Martha Walden


  Jack Pettigrew/Petigrew

Minors of

  James M. Hunt


  Winston County

One Hundred and Eighty Acres


  Deed, Winston Co. MS

  Deed of Lands


  Adult Heirs

  as Tenants in Common

Richard H.

Sarah  C. Gladden

Thomas J.

Twenty acres


  Martha Hunt

Wife - Widow

  June T. Hunt

William J.

William L. Gladden

Winston Co.



  G. W., MS Attorney

Yell County























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