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IF I can't get around to changing the pages
I'll, at least, place new or updated material, or notices, here on this page,
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just as an attempt to make clarity out of confusion
(or maybe just to add more clutter and confusion - <smile>)

Wouldn't hurt to visit . . . any way.

CHECK OUT these pages, they have nothing to do with genealogy (except that it's where my cousin hangs), but they are super:
Kennedy Space Center Video Feeds
CXC - Resources - Spacecraft Construction Index

Did you notice? I got an Award!! 9 Jan 2000

The Preslar/Presley Family Home Page. A GREAT site with good sources.

British Library THIS IS A GREAT site!! Please Visit, you'll be so excited about the materials available there.

You've just got to go to my NEW cousin,  Gena Ward's Site
PARTICULARLY if you are searching for James Hunts from Georgia (grin)!!!
Boy  does she have surprises for us all!

And then there is The Hogg Surname Centre, very nicely done by Monica,
She's added my great grandfather John McGee's sister-in-law, Rhonda Jane Hogg, to the web page:  "HOGG Surname Researchers"

Why don't you take a look at Linda Hunt Hamlett's page for her line of Hunts.   Linda's Hunt line is from Yell County Arkansas, but is a different line than mine.   You can see it by clicking here for: ALFRED DEWEY THOMAS JEFFERSON AND JAMES DAVID HUNT.

Don't know if you noticed or not,
Jean Brandau [] listed me on her Alabama page for About dot com:  Alabama genealogy site. She also runs a Chat and a few other things there on


  •   Don L. Shadburn has a book that I use constantly, Pioneer History, as a reference for information on my Forsyth County Georgia relatives. He's also the author of these 5 titles:

    1) Pioneer History of Forsyth County, Georgia (1981; 736 pp, illus, index), only limited quantity now left: $60 ppd.

    2) Cherokee Planters in Georgia, 1832-1838 (1989; 440 pp, 2 indices, illus, over 600 source notes). History of GA's 11 "Cherokee counties" created from the Cherokee Nation of GA in 1832-33. Includes maps of the counties, details from 1832 surveys and 1836 valuations of Indian improvements. Also carries 3 sections of appendices, including the 1834 State Census schedules for 9 of the counties, 1831-32 emigrants to Arkansas Country, and Text of Treaty of New Echota, 1835-36. Price: $32 ppd

    3) Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Cherokee Families in Forsyth County, GA (1993; limited reprint 1998); 806 pp, 192 illus, index. This work represents a detailed history/genealogy on the Cherokee mixed-bloods and Indian countrymen of Forsyth County. Based on 23 years of research and correspondence among descendants. In 1995 this book was recipient of the first Lilla Mills Hawes Award given to an author by the GA Historical Society. $65 ppd.

    4) Crimson and Sabres: A Confederate Record of Forsyth County, Georgia(1997; 500 pp, illus, indexed). This Confederate history utilizes all the pension records for almost 600 pensioners (widows and soldiers), plus many other records, including a listing of all males who served in the war (or were of age to have served) in the county's 54 cemeteries.Price: $35 ppd.

    5) Blood Kin: Pioneer Chronicles of Upper Georgia (1999; vol. 5 in Pioneer-Cherokee Heritage Series); 730 pp, photos, all-name index, 49 chapters of family histories, other chapters, appendices. Includes a history of the public ferries from 1832 surveys on the upper Chattahoochee (Forsyth and Cobb counties). Laminated hardcase. Price: $55 ppd.

    Don L. Shadburn   [Aug 2001]

  •   James E. Meggs
    Author of The Meggs Family of North America, published in 1995; He told me that "many of the Meggs clan of North Carolina purchased the book." He also said that "My book is out of print, but I can furnish an up-to-date Meggs gedcom file for a small charge."

    James E. Meggs   [Aug 2001]

And check out this version of

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