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  • Elisha McGEE
    b 22 Mar 1805 NC
    m 11 Nov 1830 Marion Co., GA
    d 15 May 1861 El Dorado, Union Co., AR

  • Saleta MAUK
    b 20 Nov 1809 Jones Co., GA
    d 11 Jun 1893 Union Co., AR
    Comment:This is all the information I have on Elisha. I have some suspicions about his ancestors, but no real leads. There is another McGee listed in the same county as Saleta Mauk's father, a Shered or Sherod. There is a William McGehee Jr. who was married to a Nancy Bibb, d/o John Bibb and Margaret Todd who have not been accounted for according to one source: McGehee Descendants Volume II, by Ethel C. Woodall Grider. This connection would be reasonable because of his son's marriage to a line associated with these McGehees.

  • Samuel MAUK
    b Abt 1780 VA
    m 31 May 1805 Greene Co., GA
    d 20 Dec 1852 Sumter Co., GA

  • Susannah A. BREWER
    b Abt 1790 NC
    d Aft 1860 Schley Co., GA
    Comment:There is much discussion regarding this couple and the materials compiled. More work needs to be done to confirm all previous sources as well as digging up new ones.

  • James HUNT
    b Abt 1800 GA
    m (1) Bef 1825 GA [estimated]
    d 19 Mar 1870 Rover Township,Yell Co.,AR

    SPOUSE: [1]
  • [Unidentified]
    b Est. 1800/1810 GA
    d GA

    SPOUSE: [2]
  • Jane T. ADAMS
    b. 1817
    d. 1870
    Comment:There is some belief that James Hunt is, in fact, the son, OR more likely, the nephew of Moses and Tamar or Tamer Tyner Hunt. No facts have developed that can prove either of the relationships. Recent materials have tended to DISPROVE the possibility of his being the son of Moses.

  • Minerva Cathern WALDEN
    b 30 Nov 1832 GA
    m 13 Dec 1855 GA
    d Abt 1909 Yell Co.,AR [assumed]

  • Alfred Marion HUNT
    b 22 Apr 1833 Coweta Co.,GA - possibly
    d 10 Oct 1899 Of Yell Co.,AR
    Comment:I suspect, but do not know nor can I prove, that Minerva Cathern Walden is related to her husband's brother-in-law, Levi Walden. The information that is on hand doesn't confirm Levi's parentage either.

  • James HOPE (I)
    b 9 May 1785 York District, SC
    m Abt 1800 SC [estimated]
    d Bef 27 Aug 1877

    b 22 Mar 1784 SC [location estimated]
    d Aft 9 Mar 1877 Gainsville, Hall Co., GA [estimated]
    Comment:The Hope research is at a stand still. Clues are limited in the extreme. There is also one descendant whose husband's line, the FOWLERS, needs to be identified. A minimum amount of information is available from the current database.

  • Ellison HOPE.
    b 23 Dec 1821 York District, SC
    m 14 Mar 1844 Hall Co.,GA
    d 5 Jun 1882 Forsyth Co.,GA

  • Sarah or Sallie COBB
    b 6 Mar 1821 GA
    d 2 Apr 1898 Forsyth Co., GA
    Comment:Please see the Cobb page. William Cobb's family is not completely documented. There is a chance that all three females listed belong to that family, but that is speculation only.

  • William COBB    [1]
    m Bef 1819 [estimated]

  • Anna [Unidentified]

  • John HOBBS
    b Abt 1806 NC
    m 1 Jul 1837 Washington Co.,IN
    d. 30 Mar 1897 Prowsville,Jefferson Twshp,WashingtonCo.,IN

  • Hannah OVERMAN
    b 17 Feb 1821 Salem,Washington Co.,IN
    d 30 Oct 1903 Washington Co.,IN
    Comment:Neither I, nor the research assistant at Guilford College, have been able to locate John Hobbs in NC nor to confirm his ancestry. We suspect, but there is controversy, that his father could be one of the sons of Elisha and Fanny Hobbs, a Quaker family.

  • John SMITH    [2]
    b 1790 SC
    m 1812
    d 2 May 1860 GA

    b 1794 SC
    d 1875 GA

  • [1] Is Sallie COBB the daughter of this couple? Indications in Don L. Shadburn's book, "Pioneer History of Forysth County Georgia," Volume I, 1981, tends to point to that probability.

  • [2] This is all that I have on this family. See Chris Howard's Web Pages for more information.

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