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Remember, please, that this material is not without its errors!
PLEASE check, and double check, all material in which you have an interest.

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1-- John Smith (1790-1860)  ,,South Carolina [Chris Howard] & Website
 sp-Mary Montgomery (1794-1875)  ,,South Carolina   [Chris Howard] & Website
    2-- Elizabeth Smith (1815-1878)  Spartanburg,,South Carolina
     sp-William or Buck Grant (1806-1871)  Spartanburg,,South Carolina
        3-- Mildred Ann Grant (1843-1910)  ,Hall County,Georgia
         sp-William Henry Taylor (1841-1914)
    2-- John Wright Smith (    -    )
    2-- Pinkney Smith (    -    )
    2-- Milly Emily Smith (    -    )
    2-- Mary Louise Smith (1825-1903)  ,,Georgia
     sp-Miles Hampton Smith (1813-1896)  Pendleton,Anderson County,South Carolina
        3-- William E. Smith (1848-1914)  ,,Georgia
         sp-Sarah E. Baldwin (1853-1916)
            4-- James C. Stephens [Acting Son] (1876-dead)
        3-- John E. C. Smith (1849-1911)  Cuba,Forsyth Co.,Georgia
        3-- James Monroe Smith [I] (1851-1930)  Of Forsyth County,Georgia
         sp-Mary Hannah Hope (1847-1888)  ,,Georgia 
            4-- Mary Theora Smith (1872-dead)  Cumming,Forsyth County,Georgia
             sp-Andrew Jackson Mann [M. D.] (1869-dead)  ,,Alabama  NMDavis  [NMD]
            4-- Sarah Ada Smith (1874-1957)  ,,Georgia
             sp-Lum Fowler (    -    )  
            4-- Nancy Elizabeth Smith [II] (1877-dead)  Macon,,Georgia
             sp-Samuel Jesse McBee (1867-dead)  Dalton,Whitfield County,Georgia   [KAG] & [LMP]
            4-- James Henry Smith (1879-dead),,Georgia
             sp-Statey Tillery Dill (1880-dead)  
            4-- Florence Othella Smith (1882-dead)  Cumming,Forsyth Co.,Georgia
             sp-Jacob Benjamin Chester (1876-dead)  Lake,Newton Co.,MS   [WFP]   some Chester lines.
            4-- Miles Ellison Smith (1884-dead)  Cuba,Forsyth County,Georgia
             sp-Hannah Mae Hobbs (1887-dead)  Rover,Yell County,Arkansas
            4-- Edward Smith [Twin] (1884-1884)  Cuba,Forsyth Co.,Georgia
            4-- Erastus Smith (1887-1887),,Georgia
            4-- Infant Dau Smith (1888-1888),,Georgia
         sp-Molly Dempsey (1862-1921)  ,,Georgia
            4-- Albert Lee Smith (1889-dead)  Of Forsyth County,Georgia
             sp-Mickie MNU (1890-    )
            4-- Monroe Carl Smith [Twin] (1891-dead)  Ball Ground,Cherokee County, Georgia
             sp-Sarah Jane [Sadie] Cartwright (    -dead)
             sp-MNU (    -    )
             sp-Belle Dodie Monday (    -dead)
            4-- Carrie May Smith [Twin] (1891-dead)  Ball Ground,Cherokee County, Georgia
             sp-Ira M. Neeley (    -dead)
            4-- Columbus Edgar Smith (1895-dead),,Georgia
            4-- Wade Hampton Smith (1898-dead)  ,,Georgia
             sp-Inez MNU (    -dead)
             sp-Echo MNU (    -dead)
            4-- Willis Taurence William Smith (1901-dead)  ,,Arkansas
        3-- Margaret Jane Mahala Smith (1853-1903),,Georgia
         sp-George W. Tallant (1851-1917)
            4-- James Harrison Tallant (1874-1954),,Georgia
        3-- Judson Smith (1854-1927)  ,,Georgia
         sp-Vada MNU (1874-1948)
        3-- Aney E. Smith (1858-1900),,Georgia
        3-- Nancy Elizabeth Smith [I] (1860-1929)  ,,Georgia
         sp-Unidentified Thomas (    -1896)
            4-- Bertha L. Thomas (1884-    )  Of Forsyth County,Georgia
        3-- Jasper Newton Smith (1861-1924),,Georgia
         sp-Margaret Mahulda Bramblett (1867-1926)  ,Forsyth County,Georgia
            4-- William Roscoe Smith (1887-    )  ,,Georgia
            4-- Annie L. Smith (1889-    )  ,,Georgia
            4-- Euell Clifford Smith (1890-1974),,Georgia
            4-- James Royston Smith (1893-1974)  ,,Georgia
             sp-Chalcie T. MNU (1898-1983)  Of Georgia
            4-- Mary F. Smith (1895-    )  ,,Georgia
            4-- Bessie A. Smith (1898-    )  Of Georgia
            4-- Sarah E. Smith (1900-    )  ,,Georgia
    2-- James Milton Smith [I] (    -    )
    2-- Hiram Smith (    -    )
    2-- David L. Smith (    -    )
    2-- Dicey Smith (    -    )
    2-- William Smith (    -    )

Those sources with email addresses
email [1998]:
Internet Site:

Chris Howard
Researching Our Family Lines:

email [1998]:
Internet Site:

Nancy M. Davis
Researching Our Family Lines:
Her MANN - DAVIS Home Page has some wonderful pictures of her families and links to other researchers and her family surnames on FTM.

email [1998]:
Internet Site:

Karen Morris Groce or
Webmaster: Yell County AR Website
Researching Our Family Lines:
Cobb, McBee, Morris, Groce.
Yell County Arkansas.

email [1998]:
Internet Site:

Lynn Morris Pelt

Researching Our Family Lines:
Cobb, McBee, Morris, Pelt, Lamb, Lambert, Breashears, Parker, Stewart, Young. Yell County Arkansas.

email [1998]:
Internet Site:

William F. Pugh
Wm. (Bill) F. Pugh

Researching Our Family Lines:
Pugh, Hunt, Allison, Wilson, Kirkes, Cupp, Salyer, Kilburn, (Pool) Gray, Miller and ANY related surname - particularly from Yell County, Arkansas.
Bill has been a major source of the HUNT material; and a meticulous researcher.

Sources w/o Known email addresses

       Family Materials, Interview; Miles Ellison Smith
             Deceased: 1973.

       Research Materials; Don L. Shadburn
             Where to find source:
                  Don L. Shadburn, County Historian
                  P.O. Box 762
                  Cumming, GA 30130

       Research Materials; Joy L. Clark
             Joy L. Clark, Rte 3, Cumming, GA 30130.
             Died, abt. 1988. source: Patricia D. Grogan, Nov. 25, 1995.)

       Research Materials; Martha Pendley
             Cumming, GA.

       Research Materials; Patricia D. Grogan
             Lines shown: here

       Research Materials; Renee Hogan
             Cumming, GA

       "Family Puzzlers, Heritage Papers"
             Author: Mary Bondurant Warren
             Publication info: Weekly Query Periodical
             Where to find source: Heritage Papers
                    Call Number: ISSN 0014-7389
             Source Comments:
                  They also publish books and other genealogical materials.

       "Georgia Genealogist," County Records, Forsyth County; Marriages
             Author: Mary Bondurant Warren
             Publication info: Heritage Papers

       "Pioneer History of Forsyth County Georgia; Forsyth County Heritage Series"
             Author: Don L. Shadburn (Compiled and edited); Vernon R. Harris (Illustrations).
             Publication info: Roswell Georgia: WH Wolfe Associates, 1981
             Where to find source: Don L. Shadburn, County Historian
                    Call Number: 81-52440
             Source Comments:
                  Sesquicentennial Edition; Compiled under the auspices of the Forsyth County
                  Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc.

                  For information or additional copies write:
                  Don L. Shadburn, County Historian
                  P.O. Box 762
                  Cumming, GA 30130

More Smith Surname Material Continued: Miles Hampton; Hope, Mullinax, etc.:

Another Smith Surname Material Continued: John; Gurley, Nance, Allen, etc.:

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