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My first award yr2000


Award: Mommies on the Web Genealogy Site Award

Subject: Congratulations, you won an award
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 11:31:42 -0500

Hello and Congratulations!
You have been chosen to win the Mommies on the Web Genealogy Site Award.
Mommies on the Web is an internet community offering support and friendship
to moms on the Web, and each week, we choose one site to be our site of
the week. This is a site that we feel all our members should visit. Your site
is excellent, and we want all our members to know about it.
. . .
We are very please to be giving you this award, and hope that you will accept.
. . .
Congratulations on having created a quality site!

Lori Hilty
Mommies on the Web
Awards Counsel Leader

Awards of the Week page
Our Previous Award Winners page.


An Old and New one at the same time!


Award: Plant a Family Tree Award
"Plant Your Family Tree Award"

The award was kindly given in 02 July 1998 & approved again in Jan 2000 . . . .
by DeWanna's: Plant Your Family Tree Main page
Thanks for considering my site a continuing asset to your WebRing and site.

You can catch the link to the Plant your Family Tree WebRing here on my site.


All comments, suggestions, additions and CORRECTIONS are appreciated!
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