Spoon! (aka Mr Cutey Pants)

I adopted Spoon from the Pasadena Humane Society on September 13, 2006. It was a little more than a week after Clio died, and I had planned on waiting awhile before looking for a new cat, but I had gone to their site to see when I could drop off the rest of her prescription food, and there were so many kitties who needed homes. I met Spoon (then named "Little Kitty"), a 3-year-old male who was not so little anymore, thought about it overnight, then brought him home the next day. He was super-sweetie right from the start, snuggling and purring.

This is Pandora and Spoon's first official meeting, about 2 weeks after he came home.

They are still not getting along very well. Pandora does not like adjusting to a new cat, and she growls if he gets to close, which makes him want to "play." There were minor facial injuries early on (Spoon got the worst of it -- Pandora may be 5 times his age, but she's quick on the draw), but even though I try to prevent scuffles, when they do happen, they aren't fighting for blood anymore. I think Spoon is more curious about her than anything else, but she wants nothing of it. At night and when I can't supervise them, Spoon stays in the bedroom. They seem to be making some progress, but it's just very, very slow. And he's also starting to get fat with all the treats and wet food I try to bribe them with when they're near each other.

But he knows how to play!

Although it took me awhile to teach him how to use that last one... I don't get the impression he's too bright.

But otherwise he seems super comfortable and super cutie. He's an affectionate little guy and I'm glad I have him around. We need to work on that "the keyboard is not a bed" thing, though.

And the "just because I got out of the computer chair for 20 seconds does not mean it's your turn" thing.

Social Progress

The spot on the desk next to the keyboard is prime real estate. It has always belonged to and was created for Pandora. Clio would sit on the monitor. Spoon, however, thinks it's cool. He's started thinking it's fine to get up there when Pandora is already there.

Two days ago: Pandora != happy

I got him down before anything untoward happened.

Yesterday: Pandora, less upset. Actually, I think she was just in shock that he would swish his tail over her face. Inconceivable.

Today, she was already a little upset and growling when he jumped up, and she smacked his actual butt to get him to move, which he did. She'll train him yet.

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8 November 2006