Well, Pandora is 15 now, and she's just not the contortionist she used to be. As such, she was unable to keep up with the grooming and was leaving enormous tufts everywhere and getting dreadlocks, so it was time to try something new. It was time to get her a buzzcut.

This picture was taken a couple weeks before The Change. This is, admittedly, a high traffic area, about 10' square. Note, however, that I had vacuumed the area approximately 36 hours prior.

Now, before and after:

Belly shot:

For good measure:

Yes, her head looks like it was (badly) Photoshopped onto another cat's body, but no, this is not the case.

Anyway, she seems much happier since she's not pulling out and ingesting large tufts of fur. Clio, however, does not recognize her and growls every time she gets close. This probably amuses Pandora, because now she can torture Clio just by sitting there. This also means that Pandora, without her hot overcoat, now thinks it's lap kitty weather. And sleep on Karen so she can't move at night weather.

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21 August 2006