The Legend of Rocket Butt

You know, I think cats are always negatively represented in the media. It make me mad. Take comic books for example.

There are no feline superheroes. There's Underdog, Mighty Mouse, but no Supercat. The only popular feline image is of Catwoman, and she's a thief.

Well, I'm going to stand up for my rights! I'll become the first feline superhero! Well, that's enough standing.

But what kind of super powers do I have? Well, I'm cute... I'm very intelligent...

Whoops. Excuse me. I had beans for dinner. How embarassing. Oh, no! They're about to light the frosh bonfire! AAH!

Whoa! Good thing this tree broke my fall.

Wait. This gives me an idea. I can be Rocket Butt, fueled by environmentally safe methane.

But ``Rocket Butt'' isn't a very flattering name. I'll call myself Awesome Kitty Powered by Environmentally Safe Rocket Butt (tm). Awesome Kitty for short.

But back to my mission. I'll fight the glom across the hall. If I can't get to my room one more time... Geez.

I'll protect the Dabney way of life!

Well, if you'll excuse me now, I have to go make my Spandex costume. Oops. Excuse me.