March 1: Today Karen wouldn't let me go out outside when I wanted. I got kind of impatient. Then she stuck me in the Xerox box and put the lid on. I could only see through the little holes in the top. She jostled me around some, and when she let me out, I was in a car. We drove around. Then she put me back in the box, jostled me around some more, and when she opened the box again, we were at the vet's! Ewww. I tried to duck into the box so they wouldn't see me, but it was no use. The vet rubbed me and stuck things in body cavities I don't want to mention, and then she went away and I thought I was safe, but then she came back with needles! The vet said I was very healthy and had a nice coat and clean ears and that I was very well-behaved. Then we went to the counter and everyone rubbed my head and told me I was cute and then we left. When we got back to Dabney, I followed Karen up to her room because she had promised me canned food. I ate it, and to register my protest, I then left.

March 2: Today I went to the glee club rehearsal in Dabney Hall. The organist was sitting all by herself, so I climbed up in her lap to keep her company. She had a lot of keys to cover and it looked like she wasn't getting to all of them, so I helped her out by walking on the keys.

March 12: Partaking of some literature:
"In naked beauty more adorned, More lovely, than Pandora."
- John Milton, "Paradise Lost", 1667, book IV, l. 713.

To that I say,
``No way.''

April 6: Some cat ambushed me in the night, biting me on the tail. I didn't get a good look at the mongrel, but I have my suspicions. Karen came to the Telecom Office and led me away. Hint: never pet a cat's tail, especially when it hurts! Clue Boy grabbed it and scared the hell out of me. Then Karen picked me up and I just didn't like that so I tried to amputate her hand. Then we went to the vet's. Ugh. More gropage. Then Karen left me there in this little cage and they shaved half my tail and stitched it up and made me wear an icky collar so I couldn't see anything.

April 7: Karen came to get me today. I hate this stupid collar. She feeds me canned food, but she thinks she's tricking me by sticking pills in it. Ha. I'm tricking her back by hiding the pills in the litter box. She'll never look there.

April 8: I managed to pull out of the collar, but Karen made me put it back on. She won't let me out, either. Well, at least no one has to see me looking like a dog with a mange problem.

April 10: Back to the vet again. But they took the collar off this time. And then when we got back, Karen let me go out.

April 12: People keep saying I look like a poodle because of my tail. When they do, I slap Karen's leg.

April 26: I followed Karen around this morning. We went to Dabney Hall and I got to hang out in a prof's office while she was in a meeting.