My dear sweet Clio

April 1, 1994 - September 4, 2006

Behold The Great Pandora!

This was the first feline home page (to my knowledge) (back in 1993). Now I live with Karen in a weird new place in Glendale (not to be confused with Glendora, site of my spontaneous appearance).

Meet Spoon!

Behold the SHAVED Pandora!

 Me, Ultra Kewl Rocker Grrrrl Kitty!

Clio hangs out with me, trying to be cool by association. 

Before Karen catnapped me and stuffed me in the car, we used to live in a house with Brad, too. Before that, I used live in Dabney House at Caltech. I had many friends all over campus. I would get food in the Telecommunications Office, milk in the Residence Life office, and slept in Humanities offices, and then I would come home and tell my human what a rough day I had.

New Pics! (August 2005)

Pandora and Clio take turns using the scratcher for its true purpose: relaxing.

Brad wrote me this poem:

Years spent in Dabney
wandering the halls.
Other cats lived here,
I've outlived them all.

Kesey, Kesey, burning bright,
In the fireplace tonight.
Ananda, sis of Kesey char,
Had to catch herself a car.
Benture, Benture, mass with twice.
Doesn't antifreeze taste nice?

Cyanide-flavored weeds
For cats who eat grass an'
Now there's no doubt about it
I'm a feline assassin.

Other stuff to look at:

1 November 2006