Pandora Goes to Florida

You think your Christmas break was bad? No? Bite me. This was mine...


Oh, wow. Karen's packing her suitcase. I should sit in it like I want to go along. Shassif.

Karen: Oh, she's so cute. We have something for you. Hold her down, Bo.

Pandora: Do you think your kitty tranquilizers can stop me? Well, I am feeling a little sleepy. [image censored by the DEA and ASPCA]

This cage demeans us both, but I feel too groovy to care.

6 hours, 2600 miles later...

Ok, either give me another pill or let me out.

Karen: Here we are, Pandora.

Pandora: Whoaaa.

Wait! Oh, no! What's that? It's a giant Siamese! And Karen drugged me before I could grab my Rocket Butt!

[For two weeks, Pandora basks in the Florida Sun, playing with anoles. Then...] I think I'll take a walk... Lalala...



Uh-oh. I'm a-runnin'.

Geez, why did I have to come here, anyway.


Karen: Pandora! Pandora!

Pandora: Here I am! No, don't go! I'm up here!



Wait, who's shining that light in my eyes? That hurts!

KAREN! Oh, happy day.

[The last day...] Yeah, give me that pill. Oh, yeah, that's the stuff. Goodbye, mean, giant cat. Ha! I get to go to California. Bye, nice people with bad taste in cats, but good food.