This is one of the few pieces I've made that just had an obvious name. The Fly with Jeff Goldblum was on TV at some point while I was working on the necklace and my roommate was complaining about how Jeff Goldblum was the most annoying character in every new movie he was in. So the name is very tongue-in-cheek.

This piece combines several technique. The centerpiece is knitted on silk with Delica beads. It was an experiment to see how they worked in bead knitting, as up until then I had only used round beads. The pattern I used for the knit part was adapted from a loomwork pattern in Bead Work, edited by Jules and Kathe Kliot.

The green border of the centerpiece is peyote stitch. The knitted fabric is very flimsy, so I needed some way to stiffen it and I didn't want to mount it on another fabric. The fringe is horizontal netting. The chain has three strands of strung beads braided together.

2 October 1997