This bag started out inspired by Carol Wilcox Well's square bottom bag in Beaded Amulet Purses, but I wanted to make something bigger and I never could stick to the directions. I used size 11 Czech seed beads. I started this in Summer '94 and finished the next winter. The lid is brick-stitched, and the netted "skirt" at the bottom was originally added to hide my bumpy reductions. I got lazy with the strap, which is rattail with beads stitched on. I'm not happy with the functionality of the lid, as it gaps and so forth when the bag gets squeezed, and I occasionally think about redoing it, but we'll see. The bag is several inches long. I'll measure it one of these days.

This was my first more-than-a-day project since I started playing with beads after having dabbled a few years earlier before getting sucked back into school. The first time around, in 1992, I had been isolated and could find few books. I thought I had invented peyote stitch at one point. sigh

Here's a close-up of the top.

6 July 1994