Rescuing an Older Dog

Rescue is not just getting a dog, it's opening your heart and home to a new companion and giving them some things that they may not have had until you adopted them. You will be providing them with food, shelter, health care, but most importantly love. Of course we all would like to have our companions around for a long time, but we know that's not possible. Only God knows how long they will be with us, and he does not usually share that information with us humans. It may be for a very short or very long time, but rather than look at it from a selfish standpoint and wonder how long they will be with us, why not look at it a little differently. How much can you love and enjoy your companion for the rest of the time they are with us, be it short or long. A four year old can still be with us for ten or more years, that's a lot of time and a lot of love you can give. An eight year old is about halfway through their life, with you the second half can be better, more love and caring than they've seen before. The older rescues have just as much to give, and deserve just as much as we can give as the young pup.

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