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Creating A Labor Environment - Sound

Music - You may want to add music to your ambiance, and of course the choices are limitless. Your doula may carry relaxation music with her, or you might supply your own selections. Include choices that make you feel good, that have a positive effect or memory for you. Keep in mind that as labor progresses, your state of mind may change also. Music that sounds great in early labor may not be appropriate later on when you may need to be soothed and actively concentrate and relax between contractions. Lullaby music is wonderful for quiet bonding time after birth.

Quiet Conversation - Those who stay with you during labor should keep conversation at a comfortable level, respecting that your birth partner and your doula will need to offer you verbal support and encouragement, and respecting that you will need to focus on your challenge. Affirmations can also be important to you at this time. If you use affirmations in your life, your doula can help you find one that is especially appropriate.

Familiar voice/s - Your birth partner's voice may be the one you want to hear most often, or your doula's voice may be the most comforting. Your needs may change as labor progresses. Simply tell the people around you what you need.

Your Own Vocalization - It can become difficult to tolerate a strong contraction in complete silence as you breathe, and it's important for you to know it's not necessary to be silent in any birth setting. Making sounds can actually help you. Your doula can help you experiment with labor sounds. It is generally agreed that high-pitched sounds signify resistance, while low sounds or groans from deep in your throat can be beneficial to you to cope, and to help relax the proper muscles in your body.

Other - If certain sounds enter your environment and bother you, your doula will help to remedy the situation. You may be bothered by noises from other rooms, the television, or normal sounds from outside your room. The solution may be as simple as closing a door. Again, verbalize your needs when necessary.

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