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The following are comments received from
women and couples I've taught in class
and/or supported in childbirth...

"We never felt rushed during class. Karen...would stay as long as we needed if we still had concerns or questions." - (couple)

"I wanted to make sure I told you how much of an impact you had on my birthing experience. While I was pushing I actually thought about you saying how important it is to pace myself and tune out all the well-meaning shouts of encouragement -- and there were other moments throughout that I had thoughts like this. The fact that I could think of anything rationally is amazing to begin with. I really felt like I had the power to make choices about what I needed, and this is not something I could really grasp beforehand (in terms of childbirth, that is, despite how simple it seems) but still was able to do because of the power of your words. Really, it's something about who you are and how you believe in what you do, and we are forever grateful for it." - (mom)

"Being talked through the contractions helped the most, and having her breathe with me also helped a lot." - (mom)

"She turned my labor around and made the birth of our daughter an incredible experience. Her warmth, caring and skills make her one of the best." - (mom)

"It was very nice to have someone with me who knew what was going on and could suggest things to help with the pain. It made the experience less scary because we knew she was there to insure that our birth plan and best interests were followed." - (mom and dad)

"Having Karen by my side the entire labor made the world of difference. I did not have to feel anxious because she was right there to tell me (about) what I was experiencing. My husband was able to relax as well. Thanks for a wonderful experience!" - (mom)

"We planned on not using pain killers during delivery and I don't think I could have done that (I know I couldn't have) without Karen's help. My husband was able to really enjoy the birth of our daughter because he felt that the pressure of knowing what to do was off him." - (mom)

"She was empathetic, offered suggestions & encouragement. Made the whole experience more focused for us." - (dad)

"While I was able to have my husband direct my breathing and hold my hand, Karen thought to massage my legs (I'd never considered!) and reminded me that every contraction that had passed was gone for good." - (mom)

"In addition to the comfort she provided, she was also able to help translate our wishes and needs to the hospital staff. This was helpful to us during a most exciting and stressful time." - (mom)

"There were moments during my 18 hour labor that I thought I was going to give up. Karen held me in there emotionally. I can't stress enough how helpful she was for me as well as for my husband." - (mom)

"Karen's experience, knowledge and genuine passion were helpful beyond words, thank you so very much!" - (mom and dad)

"She kept me focused and informed. My husband loved having her there. I would have forgotten all of my breathing focus if not for her. We will call her with the next one!" - (mom)

"Karen was absolutely wonderful. We had an extremely drawn-out induced labor and don't know how we would have made it without her help. She was kind, sincere, concerned, attentive, and completely dedicated. She was never an intrusion, she was a fantastic compliment to our team." - (dad) ... "She will always have a special place in our hearts, because I know I couldn't have done it without her!!" - (mom)

"My husband was a little unsure of having a doula at the birth. By the end he was singing her praises. He says that he could not imagine going through labor without Karen. She was certainly a godsend to me." - (mom)

"She was a tremendous help to both my husband and I. I had a long labor and Karen's knowledge, support and encouragement helped us to deliver our son by as close to natural childbirth as possible." - (mom)

"Being a first time mother I did not know what to expect. It was pretty scary. I would have had a hard time getting through it without Karen. She was fabulous and very caring. Both me and the father found her to be very experienced in what she was doing so it took a lot of the stress of the situation away because we knew we were in good hands. Also she talked us through a lot of what was going to happen before the doctors or nurses even told us, which left NO surprises and was wonderful." - (mom)

"I am a Bradley-method trained father. Karen was the perfect complement to my support role. When I would need to "back off" due to fatigue, she 'stepped up' beautifully; we were a perfect team." - (dad)

"Her suggestions and gentle ways made a big difference and greatly assisted me." - (mom)

"One of the most important things was the strength you gave me to speak up when my goals were being compromised." - (mom)

"To everyone who will listen, we are telling everyone that having Karen in the room was a godsend. I can't imagine how difficult it would have been without her! See you for baby #2!" - (dad) ... "We did not plan on having a doula present. She was called at the last moment and was worth her weight in gold! We would not consider going through labor and delivery without her - she was like a member of the family." - (mom)

"Karen was excellent. My wife and I were going back and forth on whether to use the services of a doula. Now we are glad we did. Even though I was with my wife through the whole labor/delivery process also, it was very comforting to have Karen there with us. She was professional, knowledgeable, had a great 'bedside manner' and gave us an extra sense of security." - (dad)

"She was absolutely wonderful in keeping me focused, helping to relieve pain and there for me every minute. I would not have been able to do it medicine-free without her!" - (mom)

"I would highly recommend Karen to any woman interested in having a doula. She is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, caring, kind and supportive. She does everything she can to ensure that labor and birth are a positive experience for mother, partner and baby. My husband and I absolutely benefited from her participation in the birth of our son." - (mom)

"She brings a beautiful balance of skill and knowledge with warmth, kindness and humor to one of the most important experiences in a woman's life. I have much gratitude!" - (mom)

"It was a tremendous help and relief to have you there with me - you gave me strength and power. You were calm when I needed it, and pushed me when I needed a little more support. Even though it was my third childbirth and I knew what I was in for - most of the time, anyway - I would never have had quite the same peaceful and joyful birth experience without you." - (mom)

"It was a great relief for all three of us to be able to rely on your knowledge and experience. Your calm voice and encouraging words gave me the extra push I needed to keep going. (no pun intended!)" - (mom)

© Karen N. Kilson