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Doulas and Childbirth

What is a doula?
What does a doula do?
What is Support? (poem)

Why should I consider using a doula?
Will a doula prevent me from receiving pain medication?
What if my husband will be with me?

A doula doesn't...
A doula does...

Is there any suggested reading?
How do I locate a doula near me?

What is guided imagery?
Preparing for guided imagery
Beach imagery

Creating a labor environment - General
Taste and Smell

Important Links

Inspiration - Quotes

A collection of quotes about women and childbirth

Women Write

A collection of writings for and about women and motherhood

Motherhood - It Will Change Your Life....
Imagine A Woman
What Is Support?
When I Am An Old Woman
On Becoming A Mother--Things No One Ever Told Me
Phenomenal Woman
Mothers: A North American Field Guide
If I Had My Life To Live Over
Because I Am the Mother
Images of Mother
Evolution of a Mom
Every Year is Their Year
Mom's From Venus, Dad's...in Orbit
To an Unborn Child
The Ages of Women
Wise Parent Says.....
Why Do Mothers Cry?
The Girl I Used To Be
Birth Story
The Cost Of Raising A child
On Being a Mom
Before I was a Mom
Being Born is Important
An Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
God Bless Cool Women
Why Barbie Can't Be A Mom
In the Very Beginning Was The Mother
Imagine A Mother
Labor Lore

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