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"CHOICES IN BIRTHING" class series
For days and times -- please call (203) 426-0879

"Choices in Birthing"

"Choices In Birthing" is a five-class evidence-based and experience-based curriculum series, written to inform students and give you tools you need to make decisions in today's challenging birth environment. Sessions average 2-1/2 to 3 hours in length and include the use of verbal instruction, handouts, videos, demonstration, relaxation sessions, a resource book for online instructional media, a book and video lending library, and a compiled relaxation CD for your home use. My goal is to leave you, after five classes, in a confident and positive place to have an empowering and joyful birth experience in your chosen location. This central curriculum includes focus on the following and more:

  • Relaxation and focus
  • Stages and mechanics of
    physiological labor
  • Lamaze's 6 healthy birth practices
  • Information on pharmaceutical pain relief
  • Non-pharmaceutical comfort measures
  • Ways your partner can help you in labor
  • Intervention pros and cons,
    including induction and cesarean surgery
  • Decision-making and informed choice
  • Environment, packing and planning
  • Labor Day

Please also inquire about these one-session classes available separately:

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BirthWays' educational goals

During pregnancy, good solid education about the birth process is one of the most important factors in enjoying healthy and empowered childbirth. I can provide you and your partner with a comprehensive childbirth preparation series founded on evidence and experience -- instruction that is true, reliable, and reflects what you will encounter in today's real world of birth -- and will also provide you with the tools you need to have the birth you seek.

I truly and heartily believe that good information about childbirth decreases fear, builds confidence, and aids parents in their decision-making processes. It results in smoother, more productive labors and healthier babies, and helps mothers see their birth experience as an empowering and positive one. To that end I have written the BirthWays "Choices in Birthing" childbirth preparation series.

Since 1996 I have attended many women as a birth doula. In that time I have also attended various popular birth education classes, and have independently studied birth and birth-related issues on a continual basis. I own and have read a large number of books by prominent authors in the field, have regularly participated in continuing education training, and have many resources at hand. I'm in contact with other birth professionals throughout the country on a daily basis, and pride myself on staying current with developments and trends. My goal is to use this background and my educator's certification to provide the most honest, evidence-based information possible to you -- in a way that will not only teach you what you need to know and enhance your ability to make informed decisions, but will also alleviate a good deal of your anxiety. Knowledge is power, and I truly believe I can empower you in preparation for your birth.

I would appreciate an opportunity to connect with you to thoroughly discuss my offerings and fees, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with additional resources if necessary, at no obligation. If you would like to know more about BirthWays' "Choices in Birthing" preparation classes or my services as a birth doula, please feel free to email me at birthways@earthlink.net or phone me in CT at (203) 426-0879.

Thank you, Karen Kilson

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