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"Education builds awareness . . .

Awareness reveals choices . . .

  Choice brings empowerment . . ."

"CHOICES IN BIRTHING" class series
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About BirthWays

My name is Karen Kilson. I'm a wife, mother and gramma, and live in western Connecticut in Sandy Hook. I maintain membership and certification as a birth doula with DONA International (Doulas of North America), and as a childbirth educator with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). I am also a member of Lamaze International and CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services). BirthWays is the name of my practice in supporting women, and I have been lovingly doing so since 1996. This work is my calling and my passion.

The name "BirthWays" was carefully chosen to represent that as women are different, so are their birthing needs. There are many ways to birth. We need to recognize each woman's needs and respect her wishes while seeing that she has the knowledge necessary to make informed choices. BirthWays' butterfly logo was also specifically chosen to represent the growth of a woman in her journey, her unique metamorphosis during labor and birth, and the freedom she can experience as she realizes her own empowerment. I wish this much for you, and promise to show you how to find the birth experience you seek, even need, to have.

After six years working on and within a local hospital-based doula program I opened a private practice in 2002 to offer a more complete scope of birth doula service including the important benefit of prenatal contact and preparation. I've been fortunate to enthusiastically and capably assist women in a variety of settings, using their chosen techniques. I have authored and now offer a childbirth preparation series called "Choices In Birthing". This curriculum is richly informative and evidence-based, containing much wisdom from "brand name" classes --as well as current research, and experience based in the very real world of birth as it is currently encountered. Please take some time to view the other pages of this website for more information on doula support and childbirth education.

© Karen N. Kilson

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