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August, 2005

Mocha is our latest addition to the clan.  I was taking care of my next door neighbor's cats while they were gone.  They were planning on adopting a new stray tom and asked if I could trap it while they were gone and get it to the vet for shots and neutering.  Well, this old tom was very trap smart and he figured out all my tricks.  I never could get him.  One morning, however, I saw what I originally thought was a dilute calico in our front yard.  I had never seen this cat before.  It ran away as soon as I went outside, but during the day I could see it roaming the woods across the street.  I set the trap that night for the neighbor's cat.  About 3 AM,  it started to storm.  Worried that I might have a cat in the trap, I went outside and found the new cat in the trap and the neighbor's new adoptee sitting next to the trap as though he were laughing at me.

When I went to bring the trap in, I could see the new cat was not a dilute calico, but what looked like a siamese crossed with a white cat.  It was definitely an un-neutered tom.  He had a flea collar on, but many of my rescued strays showed up with flea collars.  He was completely emaciated; literally just skin and bones.  I took him to the vet the next day to have him checked out, get his shots, and to be neutered.

Originally, I was determined to  rehome, but he was so loving and so in need of someone to love him, that Kathy and I decided we would try to keep him.  I originally called him Shadow, but Kathy thought his coloration reminded her of coffee and cream, so he was rechristened Mocha.

Mocha is a VERY large cat.  I had originally planned to have him join my traveling group.  He is very playful and I suspect not much over a year old.  He would try to play with Patch, Jade, and Callie, but frightened Callie terribly when he would run around and it became apparent after a time that this would not be the group for him.

Right now I am trying to blend him with the other eight.  Initially it has gone well.  Brother still is suspicious of him and they did have one blow up, but I think he will eventually be accepted in this group.  While I consider him number twelve, I guess the final decision is still out and there is still a remote possibility that rehoming may be required.  I hope not,  as he is just the most loving cat in the world.

As you can see from the pictures, he is a seal point color with a lot of white.  His eyes are ice blue.

Udate January 4, 2006

Mocha's integration with the eight garage based cats did not work out.  His very aggressive playfulness frightened Splash, Grayson, and Blaze.  They came to fear him, especially Grayson.  After a month's stay in a safe area, I decided to try and re-integrate Mocha with Callie, Patch, and Jade.  It has been very slow going, again secondary to Mocha's aggressive playfulness.  We have had slow but steady progress, however, and I am hopeful Mocha has finally found his feline family.


What can I say about Mocha?  Kathy and I have decided he must be mentally challenged.  He just doesn't get it when the other cats don't want to play and won't take "no" for an answer.  What breaks your heart is to see the absolute joy on his face when one of the cats does play with him.  Needless to say, Mocha is still in a safe area.  I have installed three baby gates in the doorway that separates his area from Callie, Patch, and Jade so they can see each other all the time.  I let him in with them for a short visit each morning and for two hours each afternoon/evening.  Patch has become his buddy and they play frequently.  Even though Patch is no stranger to rough play, I still hear him let out a cry when Mocha has landed on him full force.

One day, I saw Mocha actually pick Jade up in his front paws and flip her over to play.  Needless to say, that did not go over very well.  Fortunately Jade is a kind and forgiving soul and has actually started to like Mocha a bit; even if not fully trusting of him.  They have rubbed noses and she has actually chase played with him once or twice.  She is much more tolerent when he gets too rough.

Callie is still the hold out.  If it were just Patch and Jade, Mocha could be with them full time.  He still frightens Callie.  He is at least twice her weight and sends her running for cover when he tries to play.  It is slowly getting better however.  She is gradually going about her usual routine more and more when he is around.

I am hoping things will go much faster now that I am no longer traveling with the other three. Those regular two week absences always lost some ground.  If Callie will now just give the big guy a break!

Mocha's coloration has changed over the last several months.  His body patches were originally a light tan color.  Now they are dark brown just like his head and tail.  He might be younger than I originally thought,  He appears to be a Snowshoe breed mix.  I have heard they can darken as they reach full maturity.


Mocha has become a very happy cat over the last few years.  He loves to play and now has best friends in Patch and Theo.  He is always playing with one or the other.  His health has been good and weight steady.