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Fluffy's story has some interesting twists.  He and his brother (Brother) were born to a feral female that lived in the car port of my prior house with her mother (Fluffy's grandmother).   I had taken a new job and we were moving to a new town.  I could not leave the little wild family behind, so I had a small cat kennel built at the new house, got a cat trap, and trapped the entire group.  All were spayed or neutered and given complete shots.
They were confined for six months at the new house which was 150 miles from my prior home.  The grandmother cat had tamed down and Fluffy had become partially tame, but Brother and his mother remained wild.  They would become very upset with any contact; even when I was feeding them.  I finally decided that I had to let them out and hoped they would live around the new house with the kennel to use for shelter.  Two days after I let them out, the grandmother cat came up to me.  She had never been so affectionate.  I did not realize she was saying good bye.  The little troupe walked into the woods and did not return.
Three months later, Fluffy came back.  He had been badly injured in a fight.  I trapped him and took him to the veterinarian.  After he was patched up, I put him in the kennel.  He howled day and night.  He would hide whenever I came near the enclosure.  I had to use binnoculars to make sure he was healing.  After a week, I finally let him out.
This time, however he remained near the house.  I could not aproach or touch him, but at least he came for regular feedings.  As winter neared, Brother suddenly reappeared.  That winter was very cold with deep snow, but they insisted on staying outside.  I could not even entice them into the garage or the kennel with food.  They did not seem in bad shape, however, so they must have found an old log or other shelter in the woods.  Brother was still so wild he would hiss at me when I put their food out.
The coming Spring saw a big change in Fluffy.  I was putting their food out one day and felt something brush my leg.  It was Fluffy rubbing against me.  I put my hand out and he let me touch his nose.  Things moved fast from that point.  Within a week, he had made his home in the garage and wanted to be petted or brushed regularly.  Now you would never know he had been a feral cat.  He comes in the house daily and sleeps on the couch next to me or in the chair with my wife (Kathy).  He is even friendly with strangers.  It is as though his former wild personality had never existed.  He is Kathy's favorite of the twelve.
Fluffy continues to do well as do all the cats.  He spends more and more time in the house, but still considers the garage home base.  The garage has now been converted into a true cattery (see Kitty City page).  Fluffy clearly considers himself top cat and has this aire of superiority that would be completely intolerable in a human, but is rather endearing in a cat.  He is completely at home with people and likes to greet visitors when they arrive.  He has quite an imposing appearance.  He is a large cat (14.6 pounds) and his very thick dark fur adds to the impression of size.  He is still Kathy's favorite, but Starburst and Grayson are giving him a run for his money.
Fluffy has done well the past year, except he has gained two pounds and needs to loose it again.  Hopefully the construction of an outside play area, the catzebo, will provide him with more exercise.  He continues to think he is better than all the rest.  Starburst and he have developed a special friendship and are often together.
Fluffy is now ten years old.  He remains in good health.  He became a bit portly for a while, but is now back under 15 pounds which is good weight for him.  He did lose two teeth in a fall, but otherwise the years have been uneventful.