Scott Kirkpatrick

4455 N. 1st St.
Lincoln, NE 68521
Office Phone: (402) 472-7681 Home Phone: (402) 475-4115

Objective To find a responsible position in the research and development of engineering processes.

Education University of Nebraska at Lincoln, NE; Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering (Materials Science) estimated May, 1999
          Masters Thesis: Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Processes for AlN and Al2O3
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA; Bachelor of Science, Materials Science and Engineering, May 21, 1995.

UHV Processing
  • Operated, maintained and developed two thin film sputtering chambers.
  • Operated a vapor deposition chamber.
  • Used in-situ ellipsometry for monitoring sputtering processes.
  • Examined patents in the areas of semiconductor processes, including selective etching, micromachining, sub-lithographic FET production, and packaging.
  • 3 UHV related Papers
  • Member of University of Nebraska Thin Films Group.

Modeling and Computer Skills
  • Performed magnetic modeling with Maxwell, a CAD based magnetic modeling program by Ansoft.
  • Programmed in: Basic, HTML, pascal, DbaseIII+, and Mathematica.
  • Worked with IBM, Macintosh, and Unix based systems.
  • 3 computer courses.

Materials Identification
  • Performed X-ray diffraction and identified results
  • Determined chemical compositions of materials using Auger including depth
  • Operated optical ellipsometer
  • Electron Microscopy course including use of SEM & TEM

  • 1 Patent, US Patent No. 5,549,973.
  • 5 Magnetics related papers
  • Programmed and operated a SQUID magnetometer
  • Operated an AC susceptometer and analyzed the data
  • Operated, repaired and improved the carbon-arc technique used to synthesis nanocrystals
  • Member of Carnegie Mellon Buckyball Project as an Undergraduate
  • Performed sputtering of cobalt thin films

Leadership and Communication
  • Directed others working in the lab.
  • Participated in the decisions of what materials to fabricate and research
  • Invited talk: Carnegie Mellon University Undergraduate Research Panel on Intellectual Property,"The Patent Process from the point of view of an inventor and as an Examiner" April, 1997.
  • Guest speaker for Introduction to Mechanical Engineering;"Engineers Don't Know Everything?!?" a talk on library research and the patent process, Oct. 1998
  • 3 contributed presentations.
  • Eagle Scout.
  • Alumni Relations Chairman for Pioneers.
  • As Buggy Chairman for Pioneers I organized 4 teams for a 5-man relay race, relaying a vehicle that is lightweight and safe for maneuvering around a mile track.
Honors ScienceWorks Graduate Fellowship, First place CMU Sigma Xi undergraduate research symposium competition.

Work Experience University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant
6/97 to 5/99
I operated, maintained, and modified a pair of sputtering chambers. I supervised the undergraduates working in the lab including teaching them the operation of the machinery.

United States Patent and Trademark Office, Crystal City, VA
Patent Examiner
6/95 to 5/97
I examined patents in the areas of semiconductor processes, including selective etching, micromachining, sub-lithographic FET production and packaging. I also determined the patentability of applications.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Undergraduate Research Assistant
12/92 to 5/95
Materials Identification and Production
I used x-ray diffraction, a squid magnetometer, and an AC susceptometer to determine the characteristics of the magnetic materials produced. I also operated, repaired and improved the carbon-arc technique used to synthesize nanocrystals.

Availability May 1999
References available upon request