About Elaine

I was told that I should have something here for my wife so here it goes.
Elaine is from Cincinnati.
She grew up in Cincinnati, and went to private catholic schools until Graduate School.
The only school I currently remember the name for is the University of Dayton.
Elaine then graduated, and enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University for graduate study in Physics.
She graduated in the August of 1997.
She's pretty smart (and I don't know how I would make it through school without her).
While at CMU she began to take an interest in buggy.
And Me!
Her research topic is in fine particle magnetics.

Elaine has 3 sisters and one brother. BIG FAMILY
The names of her sisters are Barbie, Carol, and Andrea.
Her Brother is Dave, He's a Notorious Patent Examiner.
This entire family loves racing, preferably Indycar/Cart, but if it moves fast, and has an engine, they'll watch.

Elaine loves sports
Baseball is probably her favorite sport, but is one of my least.
Elaine likes football, and is a Bengals fan.
Elaine has recently become an avid hockey fan, avid enough to watch just about any game.
Elaine's favorite NHL team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hurray!!
She grew up watching the Cincinnati Stingers until the team dissolved when the leaque combined with the NHL.
She also has the Buggy? bug.

Someday she'll have her CV (a resume for those who are really smart, or spend their lives in school) on here.