Studying a martial art contains the same paradox that exists in any other field of study. It seems that the more one trains and learns, the more there is to study and master. Below are some articles that have been written by members of the dojo, about what they've uncovered, and where they still wish to go.

Not for Beginners Only   by Boyd Gittins
Maybe basic techniques aren't so basic
Using Mushin in Daily Life   by Carol Gittins
Applying mushin on an ongoing basis
The Role of the Mind in the Development of Mushin   by Boyd Gittins
Explaining how the conscious and subconscious minds work together in the development of mushin.
From Yushin to Mushin   by Carol Gittins
Talking about the connection between yushin and the development of mushin
The Three Elements of Kata   by Carol Gittins
Incorporating body, mind, and spirit in your kata
Why I Train   by Andrew McLane
A look at why I keep coming back to train.