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Martial Arts (Wu Shu), including karate, xing yi, Shao Lin, and various other branches of the MA family, the psychology and philosophy behind the martial arts, the martial arts as a Dao or Way to spiritual development, and notes on sources of dysfunction (rubbing the Dao the wrong way).

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Takuan applied the teachings of Zen Buddhism to the real-life needs and responsibilities of samurai warriors, and left us a rich legacy concerning psychological and spiritual cultivation by means of the martial arts. According to the popular tradition, he advised the legendary swordsman Minamoto Musashi, author of Go Rin no Sho (The Book of Five Rings).

Being on the Dao means understanding the world well enough to avoid common counter-productive activities. Dao means both the Way things work, and a way for getting close to the great Dao. Look for more discussion of the Way and ways here .

Translation of the Dao De Jing (pronounced "dow" as in Dow-Jones, "duh", and "jing" as in "jingoism") of Lao Zi (pronounced as in "alLOW" and "aDDS"). Section 1.

Translation of the Zhuang Zi of Zhuang Zhou (pronounced as "jwong" and "joe"). Chapter 1.

Several dao for achieving spiritual development:


Several activities designed to free the mind from prejudices and other hindrances are grouped under the general heading meditation.

martial arts

Another kind of activity can be a dao toward spiritual development, although most people first become involved with it because of the desire to be able to defend themselves against assault. That dao is martial arts.

martial arts curriculum

Lesson One.

martial arts curriculum

Lesson Two.

martial arts curriculum

Lesson Three

martial arts curriculum

Lesson Four.

More information:

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An activity long ago observed to give benefit by producing biofeedback is calligraphy.

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Disclaimer: Many people will tell you that Kinkaju isn't even human. What does a honey bear know anyway? The point is for you to educate yourself. Read widely and test conclusions carefully. Remember that "information" may really be "disinformation," that having a collection of information is not the same as having knowledge, and that knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is the source of power, not the power to push other people around, but the power to make the world a good environment for everyone. Your task is to examine every conclusion to see how well it is grounded. That's what you are here to learn how to do, actually.


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