Types of Government

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Tables of Types of Government

Ruled by One, a Few, and All
Kind of Government Definition
Democracy Example: Ancient Athens

A system of government where the people rule.
Representative Democracy
(A Republic)
Example: United States

A democracy where the people elect representatives to rule for them.
Constitutional Monarchy (Mahn-ar-key) Example: England

A monarchy where the monarch is a figurehead. The country is ruled through elected Parliment Members. This monarchy also has a constitution.
Monarchy Example: Ancient Egypt

A system of government in which a king/queen/emperor etc. is the sole and absolute ruler. The right to rule was usually passed down to the eldest son, from the current monarch, when he/she died.
Oligarchy (All-ih-gahr-key) Example: Ancient Sparta

A system of government in which a few people rule.
Aristocracy (Air-ihst-ock-rah-see) Example: Ancient Thebes, Greece

A system of government in which a few people rule, usually the richest, and higher class. The right to rule was passed down within the family.

Often With Strict Rulers
Kind of Government Definition
Tyranny (Tirh-ann-ee
or Tie-ran-ee)
Example of a tyrant: Hippias (last tyrant of Athens)

A system of government where a ruler has total power, not limited by a constitution or
by other officials; especially one in ancient Greece. This ruler seizes power often by force, and rules single-handedly. In ancient Greece a tyrant often ruled fairly and justly and got important things done quickly. Many were very popular.
Example: Cuba

A system of government in which one person has seized power violently, and is the sole ruler for life. (Or until he/she is overthrown).
Example: Myanmar

A system of government where every single part of an individual's life is controlled and watched by the government. People who support this kind of government, believe that strict order is the key to a society without chaos. Myanmar is run by a military government, often the case in a totalitarian government.
Communism Example: Former Soviet Union

Communism is a way of living in which the government owns and runs all the business. There are many forms of communism, the "ideal" form of society. Karl Marx set down the foundation of modern communism. Unfortunately all peaceful attempts to have a communist society have been abandoned early on. Usually the only way to have a communist region, is usually through revolution. These often have a cruel dictator, and are not "ideal." There are also many factions of communism, who usually fight each other. One example is Socialism.

Kind of Government Definition
Anarchy* (Ann-ar-key) Example: No countries currently are Anarchists *This is not a government.

Anarchists believe that government is evil, and that it limits individual freedoms. So anarchy is no form of government at all. Its roots can be traced back to the Goths in Europe.

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