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Welcome to the Kingdom Chronicles

Article: Chronicles Description

Read the above article to get a concise description of the purpose for this website.

About the Banner

All of the items in the banner at the top of this page have a purpose and a meaning.  Here is an article, broken down into sections, describing the various aspects: the globe, the title, the verse, the olive branches, the cross and the eagle.

About the Banner

Part 1: The Title

Read about why The Kingdom Chronicles is called "The Kingdom Chronicles."

About the Banner

Part 2: The Cross

What significance could a two thousand year old symbol of the most diabolically cruel means of torture possibly have for us today?  This article attempts to answer this question.

About the Banner

The Globe: Representing The Church of Jesus Christ

Part 3: The Icon - General Perspective

A general overview of the Church.

Part 4: The Icon - Historic Perspective

A historic overview of the Church, from Her beginning until the present day.

About the Banner

The Eagle: Jesus Christ The Righteous

Christianity would be rather pointless without highlighting, not only its Founder, but the One who ever lives to make intercession for those who abide by that Name.  Not only did the Jesus Christ of history begin a movement that continues to this day, but one of the primary doctrines of that movement is that their Founder still lives.  Indeed it is claimed (and it is claimed here on these pages) that true life can only be found in Him.  Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth and the life."  No person can have access to the eternal God except by Him.  And the entire premise of this website is the preparation of those who are called by His name for their eternal destiny.  And that destiny is the consummated union as a bride to Jesus Christ.  He is the head.  Christ is the head of the Church, his body, and is Himself Her Savior.  It is in Him, through Him, by Him and for Him that His Church is being made ready to rule with Him in His kingdom forever.  The focus therefore, Her focus, should be Jesus Christ.  She is called to know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings.  She is called to a pure and simple devotion (read "worship"; read "adoration"; read "fanaticism") to Jesus Christ.  He is Her all in all.  Hence the banner, in the upper right hand corner, features the eagle, a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Part 5: Jesus in Matthew and Mark

Jesus Christ the Lion of Judah.  Jesus Christ is Lord and King of all the earth.



Jesus Christ is the "suffering servant", the burden-bearer, the bearer of the sins of the world.

Part 6: Jesus in Luke

There is no other man that has lived (and still lives) like the Man Christ Jesus.

Part 7: Jesus in John

Jesus Christ is the "resurrection and the life."  The gospel of John reveals Jesus who sours above human degradation and brings humankind to the throne room of heaven and earth.  Jesus Christ is the exalted Savior of the world.

About the Banner

Part 8: End Note - The Witnesses in the Human Heart

A rabbit was chased in the construction of one of the other articles.  Instead of including the issue within the article, the rabbit has its own article that brings to completion the entire About the Banner series.  Here is related how every human being has a twofold witness within their breast of the veracity of the gospel and how the gospel answers perfectly to each one.