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Flap & Scratch
Bluegrass Swing String Band
Photo: Shadow Hills Bluegrass Festival, Oct. 1999

Flap & Scratch plays traditional bluegrass tunes, country swing, novelty numbers, old-time gospel, breakdowns, and cownboy songs. Available for private parties, BBQ's, square dances, weddings, or whatever.The outfit is often augmented by guest artists

CD's available soon! Sure, that's what they all say, but really, we have been recording and it will soon be in your hot little hands...
T-Shirts coming soon...(maybe!)

  Band members:

     Doug Funkhouser - Banjo & Vocals
     Scotty Boyd - Guitar &Vocals      David "Big Boss" Orser - Bass      Kurt McKennis - Mandolin and Guitar      Jean Sudbury - Fiddle      Jeff Freeman - Harps

  For Booking Info please call 818-352-4007
  or use the following e-mail link:

Flap & Scratch MailBox

Thanks to all involved

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