"My Knees Were Jumping": reviews and articles on the Web

goodnewsbroadcast.com "Remembering the Kindertransport"
includes RealMedia interview with Melissa Hacker and clip from the film (requires RealPlayer plugin)

Nick Thomas, "Focus: Prague Springs Back"
(Prague International Film Festival)

Matthew Surrence, "Mother's Fear Inspires Director to Delve into Holocaust"
(Jewish Bulletin-Northern California)

Andrea Alsberg, My Knees Were Jumping
(1996 Sundance Film Festival)

The following Web-sites may be of particular interest to anyone researching
Jewish culture, Film, and the Kindertransports

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Jewish Culture
Jewish Communication Network
National Center for Jewish Film
The Presence of the Absence (conference: September 1999)
Remembering for the Future 2000 (conference: July 2000)


Foundation for Independent Video & Filmmakers

The Kindertransports

Kindertransport Association

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