Adventures of a Chemist Collector Alfred Bader's Kindertransport memoir. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1995

All in a Lifetime Dr. Ruth Westheimer's account of her journey from Frankfurt am Main through a refugee girls hostel in Switzerland, to Israel, and her life today.

And the Policeman Smiled A history of the kindertransport movement by Barry Turner. Bloomsbury Press, 1990

A Boy in Your Situation Charles Hannam's Kindertransport memoir. Andree Deutch Ltd. London 1977

Britain and the Jews of Europe 1939-1945 Bernard Wasserstein Oxford University Press

By the Moon and the Stars Eva Hayman, Random Century, New Zealand, 1992.

The Girl with Two Suitcases a book by Kind Myra Baram tells the story of her life, from Berlin to Nethanya, Israel. The Book Guild, Ltd. Sussex, England 1988

I Came Alone Bertha Leverton, founder of the Reunion of Kindertransport in London, has put together a collection of writings by the kinder. Available from the KTA. There is also a German edition

In My Pocket Dorrith Sim This book is suitable for very young children Harcourt Brace & Co. NY 1996

Into the Arms of StrangersJonathan Harris and Deborah Oppenheimer,Warner Books 2000

Kindertransport Olga Drucker's book for children ages 9-15 covers her six years in England and reunion with her parents in 1945. Henry Holt & Co. NY, 1992

Kindertransport Diane Samuel's internationally produced play. Penguin Books, 1995

Men of Vision, Anglo-Jewry's Aid to Victims of the Nazi Regime Amy Gottlieb, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1998

Missing Girls, Lois Metzger's young adult novel features a teenage girl whose mother was on a Kindertransport. Viking Penguin 1999

My Heart in a Suitcase Anne Fox's Kindertransport memoir. Available through the KTA

The Ninth of November Hannele Zurndorfer left Dusseldorf in May 1939 on a children's transport with her younger sister. She ends her story with the last letter she received from her father.

No Longer a Stranger Inge Sadan's first person Kindertransport story. Inge Sadan,POB 71105, Jerusalem,Israel

Not With a Silver Spoon Harry Avray's Kindertransport memoir, Sharon Press, 1989

Other People's Houses Lore Segal, a Kind from Vienna and an accomplished novelist has written this account of her life as a Kind in Vienna, England and the Dominican Republic. Ballantine Books, 1986

Our Lonely Journey Appropriate for children, Stephen Smith, Beth Shalom Holocaust Center, England,2000

Passages From Berlin-Recollections of the Goldschmidt Schule 1935-1939 Steve J. Heims, editor. US distributor: Marianne Phiebig, 25 Grandview Ave. White Plains, NY 10605

Pearls of Childhood Vera Gissing's story of her life in Prague and as a Kind in England. St. Martin's Press, 1988

10,000 Children Anne Fox and Eva Abraham-Podeitz. A teaching guide for children available through the KTA

They Found Refuge Norman Bentwich writes of his involvement with the kindertransport movement.

Three Lives in Transit The autobiographical story of three sisters who travelled from Prague to London. Laura Selo, Excalibur Press, London.

Time Zones - A Journalist in the World Joe Schlesinger, Random House Toronto 1990

Too Young to Remember Julie Heifetz's collection of interviews with child Holcaust survivors. Wayne State University Press, 1989

Unfulfilled Promise-Rescue and Resettlement of Jewish Refugee Children in the United States 1934-1935 A scholarly book by the author of two theses on the kindertransport movement. Judith Tydor Baumel, The Denali Press, Alaska, 1990.

The Uprooted: A Hitler Legacy: Voices of Those Who Escaped Before the "Final Solution" Dorit Bader Whiteman has woven together the stories of 190 escapees, including several who left via the kindertransports. Insight Books, NY. 1993.

We Came As Children Karen Gershon wove together these memories of the journey to England in 1956.

When Time Ran Out Frederic Zeller's story of his childhood in Berlin and escape to Holland, where he joined a kindertransport. The Permanent Press, 1989

Books of related interest

Children of the Holocaust Helen Epstein's pioneering look at the second generation.

I Didn't Say Goodbye - Interviews with Children of the Holocaust Claudine Veigh.

Last Waltz in Vienna - The Rise and Destruction of a Family 1842-1942 George Clair.

Living After the Holocaust Lucy Steinitz & David Szonyi, Editors

Love Despite Hate: Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Their Adult Lives Sarah Moskowitz.

Paper Walls, America and the Refugee Crisis, 1938-1941 David Wyman

Remember Me- the Search for Refuge in Wartime Britain Irene Watts, for young readers, fiction based on fact, McClelland & Stewart 2000

Vienna and its Jews: The Tragedy of Success 1880-1980's George Berkeley

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