"In the nine months leading up to World War II nearly 10, 000 children from Nazi Germany, Austria, Checkoslovakia and Poland were sent to safety in England. My mother was one of these children."

-- Melissa Hacker, "My Knees Were Jumping"

"I remember looking out the window and waving my parents . . . and my governess standing there and waving goodbye and . . . it dawned on me much later . . . I have this horrible memory of my governess who was very spiritual . . . reading my tarot cards before I left and being mortified by something she saw . . . this has been with me all my life and I've rationalized it that she would never see me again which is what happened. She obviously saw something terrible in the cards."

-- Ruth Morley, "My Knees Were Jumping"

"I grew up knowing bits and pieces of my mother's past but never the whole story. My sister and I knew that she had been born in Austria and that our grandparents had sent her on a train to  England by herself when she was thirteen years old. But I didn't find out until recently that other children had gone too--that she was rescued by the Kindertransport movement."

-- Melissa Hacker, "My Knees Were Jumping"


This what her childhood was like before the war.