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The Cheboygan Years 1881 - 1921

Michigan, USA

The William Latimer III Family Home
416 Elm Street, Cheboygan, Michigan (photo taken by myself when we visited the area in July 2001)

On the June 12th, 1900 United States Census, William Latimer III  reports that he is 41 years old, born December 1858, in Canada E., his father born Canada E., his mother born in Ireland.  He states that his year of immigration to the USA was in 1881, confirming this date in another column of this form as 20 years - the number of years in USA.  He reports that he is a naturalized citizen, and his occupation is noted as a "Sawyer" at a lumbermill.  He reports that he can read, write, and speak English, and that he owns his home that he is presently living in at 416 Elm Street, Cheboygan, Michigan.  His wife, Margaret (Dixon) Latimer, reports that she is 36 years old, born September 1863, married 13 years, 3 children born to them, 2 children are living.  She was born in Canada, her parents both born in Scotland, immigrated to USA in 1887, she can read, write, and speak English.  Their children at this time are Ella, 12 years old - born 1887 in Michigan, and another daughter Cecile M. age 3 years old - born 1897 in Michigan.  What the census doesn't report is the details about their deceased daughter, Evelyn, born 8/1/1890 - died 6/07/1892, in Cheboygan, of "remittant fever".  She is buried with them in Cheboygan.   Maggie and William later had two more children, Lillian Agnes on 6/23/1900, and William Kenneth on 9/2/1904, also in Cheboygan.  In The Cheboygan City Directory dated 8/10/1908, William III is listed as a foreman at the Old's Mill, and Ella is listed as a school teacher.  The family is still residing in the Elm Street home when the 1910 Census was taken.  On August 30, 1919, William III finalized the purchase of the farm property near Mullet Lake (this property has since been divided into 7 different parcels).  When William Latimer III died on 1/25/1921 his daughter Ella was married (Cecile married on 10/6/1921, and Lillian married 11/23/1921).  His widow, Maggie, and children left Cheboygan for Detroit to live with Ella only a few months after his death, and later his farm property was sold on 5/31/1922.  Women were not allowed to own property then, and his son, William Kenneth, was a minor child at that time.

I have very little memory of him in Cheboygan, but visited the house on Elm Street which was still there in 1968 or '69.  I was five when they purchased the farm, and spent most of that summer up there.  The farm house was big and square, standing on the side of a hill, there were few trees around it, and it just hung there badly in need of paint.  There were several rooms both upstairs and down, the only one that stands out in my mind is the kitchen.  It was a typical family type kitchen.  The wood stove, pantry and the large round table in one corner, a cross stitch sampler on the wall reading,
"May the Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee."
- Margaret (Mann) Hanna Hauser's memories of her grandfather, William Latimer, III

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