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Dixon / Dickson Family

Immigrated from Scotland to Grey County, Ontario, Canada

My Dixon (Dickson) family was in the areas of Leith, Grey County, Ontario,
and Lisle, Simcoe County, Ontario (late 1800s - early 1900s).  My
Ggrandmother was Margaret (Dixon) Latimer (born 23 September 1863 - died 18 May 1930), and her parents were Margaret (Hunter) & Leighton Dixon
(Margaret Hunter born 15 August 1830, Glasgow, Scotland - died 22 July
1912, Cheboygan, MI AND her husband, Leighton aka Leslie born 1827,
Portland, Scotland - died 16 July 1901, Sydenham Twp., Grey County,
"In 1863 Leslie Dixon and family moved to Leith, Canada.  Here he was a weaver.  John Hunter - (Uncle of Margaret Dixon Latimer) lived in Glasgow, Scotland, at 330 Duke Street according to his letter, dated September 28, 1886."  - Margaret Alice (Mann) Hanna Hauser


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