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Heinse 354 sire of Thalie-Tina HSF and Zelina-Tina HSF received Preferent on quality of offspring.
July 2014  Teun HSF finally arrived, 2 weeks past the "normal" due date. Christa's fillies (7) all born on 329 days, her 1st colt takes 340 days.
2012 Events:
2012 Inspection Results
Coatsville, PA - Gina-Tina HSF (Ulbert x Feitse), owned by Gail Zambor, received a 1st premie as a 2yr old, and also....Reserve Champion of the Day, coming in 2nd to a Provisional Crown Ulbert daughter.
Lexington, Va - Carina-Tina HSF (Goffert x Feitse), owned by John Bartlett, received a 3rd premie as a 4yr old.  Anna-Sietske HSF (Anne x Leffert), also with John, was entered into the studbook, she still has growing to do.  Expect to see them both in the coming year.
 31 May 2012- Silke-Tina HSF had a gorgeous leggy colt out by 
                          Sipke 450. Contract pending
13 June 2012- Christa van de Zuiderwaard Ster had another filly, 
                          that's 7/7.  Sire is Doaitsen 420
**Note:  Both Christa and Silke foaled out on 329 days per normal(mother like daughter, can almost set a clock to them)
2010 FPS Inspection-  Gabrielle C  and Zelina-Tina HSF receives their ster predicates
24 April 2010 - Christa has another filly, that's 6 for 6.
Gina-Tina HSF (Sold)
2009 Inspection - Christa van de Zuiderwaard Ster awarded Champion Mare and Day Champion at Frederickburg, VA.
2008 filly by Sietske V Model x Anne received a 1st premie, Reserve Champion at inspection.
2008 filly by Christa van de Zuiderwaard Ster x Goffert received a 2nd premie at inspection.