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Birth Doula / Postpartum Doula / Childbirth Workshop
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DOULA is an ancient Greek word for a woman's assistant. It has now come to be synonymous with a woman who gives birth support. A doula provides emotional, physical, and informational support to a pregnant woman and her partner. As a birth assistant, she helps the mother manage the many sensations of labor by guiding her with various techniques and positions beneficial to the birth process. She does not perform any medical tasks. 

Doula's are a part of a sisterhood that upholds codes of conduct and professional practice. In general, their services are wide ranging and may include: creating a birth plan with the mother, helping the mother seek education around birth issues, and advocating the couples desires to the hospital staff or midwife. A doula can also give advice about breastfeeding and other aspects of post-partum care. 

Khefri Riley has come into doula work through the birth of her first son Zen Reign. Delivered underwater with no drugs, her Doula's played a major role in her positive experience. Khefri has received her Doula Training Certification from The Judy Chapman Family Center and Pre-Natal Yoga Certification in The Khalsa Way from Golden Bridge Yoga. 

Custom Services include: 

- Pre-natal visits 

- Yoga techniques and private classes 

- Visualization and Meditation 

- Creation of Birth Plan 

- Attendance at Birth and Post-partum visit 

- Digital Photography at Birth 

- "Momma Goddess" Fashion shoot 

- Telephone support 

- Breastfeeding support 

- Holistic Approach 

- Alternative Birth resources 

- Creativity and Motherhood 

- Written Birth Story 

Birth packages can be personalized depending on the needs and wants of client. 

Current Clients: Use the Pay Now button below to pay the doula service fee via Credit Card or Paypal. For use only after our intake consultation and contract. 


Your questions answered...

What do postpartum doulas do?
What a postpartum doula does changes from day to day, as the needs of the family change. Postpartum doulas do whatever a mother needs to best enjoy and care for her new baby. A large part of their role is education. They share information about baby care with parents, as well as teach siblings and partners to “mother the mother.” They assist with breastfeeding education. Postpartum doulas also make sure the mother is fed, well hydrated and comfortable.

What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse?
The role of a postpartum doula is to help a woman through her postpartum period and to nurture the family. Unlike a baby nurse, a doula’s focus is not solely on the baby, but on fostering independence for the entire family. The doula is as available to the father and older children as to the mother and the baby. Treating the family as a unit that is connected and always changing enables doulas to do their job: nurture the family.

What is a postpartum doula’s goal?
The goal of a doula is to nurture the parents into their new roles. As they experience success and their knowledge and self-confidence grow, their needs for professional support should diminish.

How does a doula nurture the parents into their roles?
Self-confidence has a tremendous impact on a person’s ability to approach any task, and parenting is no different. Doulas are taught to always consider parents’ feelings and always build confidence whenever possible. Doulas accomplish this through praise, acceptance and a non-judgmental approach. In addition, the doula will teach parents strategies and skills that will improve their ability to bond with their babies. A calm baby who is growing well will help parents to feel more confident in their skills.

Do doulas help mothers to deal with postpartum depression?
Unlike therapists or psychiatrists, doulas do not treat postpartum depression. However, they will help by creating a safe place for the mother emotionally. The doula will provide a cushioning effect by accepting the mother within each stage that she passes through. They relieve some of the pressure on the new mother by helping her move into her new responsibilities gradually. By mothering the mother, doulas makes sure that the mother feels nurtured and cared for, as well as making sure she is eating well and getting enough sleep. These doulas will help their clients to screen themselves for PPMDs and will make referrals to appropriate clinicians or support groups as needed.

Do doulas teach a particular parenting approach?
No. Doulas are educated to support a mothers’ parenting approach. Doulas are good listeners and encourage mothers to develop their own philosophies.

How do postpartum doulas work with a mother’s partner?
A doula respects the partner’s role and input, and teaches concrete skills that will help the partner nurture the baby and mother. The doula will share evidence-based information with the partner that shows how his or her role in the early weeks will have a dramatic positive effect on the family.

Information provided from DONA.

Private Childbirth Education Classes

Educational & inspiring workshop for pregnancy and labor. 

Join other parents for an educational and inspiring time preparing for your new baby's birth and to celebrate your family to be. The presence and support of a woman's partner is a powerful aid to labor and delivery. This workshop will give parents tools and techniques to encourage a loving and empowered childbirth experience. 

"Thank you for the workshop, we really enjoyed it. It was wonderful...all the information & exercises were both relaxing & very useful."- Workshop participant 

With informational support, yoga, music, and meditation this workshop will cover: 

- Emotional and physical support techniques for couples 
- Discussion of medical procedures and options 
- Comfort measures for labor 
- Relaxation, Breathing, and Movement techniques 
- Visualization and meditation for pregnancy and birth 
- Yoga positions and breathing for labor and birth 
- Bonding between parents and unborn child 

This workshop is a perfect compliment to your hospital childbirth education series and is recommended anytime during either the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Prior yoga experience is not necessary and beginners to yoga are welcome.

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