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On birth doula support:

“Our home birth didn’t work out the way we expected-but, our birthing experience would have been so different and most likely quite terrible had our doula Khefri!! not been there.  She was amazing and kept pulling “tricks” from her bag to help me not to mention her energy and attention were endless.”             - Mary Leigh Cherry, Tony, and Baby Aurora

"How can I say thank you for your help during the birth of my baby boy?  Before you arrived in the delivery room I was starting to feel a little scared at how quickly and intensley things were moving along, but as soon as you came in you brought such peace into the space with you.  I immediately felt taken care of, and I know my husband really relaxed too!  I honestly breathed easier as soon as you were there.  You were so supportive of everything I needed and felt during the process (including making sure we got a doctor in the room when I started to need to push), and I loved how you relly advocated for me when it was hard for me to communicate.  Mark loved how you were able to help guide him in ways to bring me comfort, and I really felt that he was able to do his best for me because of your help.  And then there was the pushing...I'm so happy you got the squat bar up with the sheet for me to pull on while I pushed.  I had never seen that before, and I can't even tell you the difference it made.  I finally felt I could really get into it.  It was really an amazing feeling knowing my baby was moving down.  I remember you talking me through it, and I know I was repeating key phrases you would say to me, though I don't remember know what they were.  But I know it helped! 
You helped me to have a truly ecstatic birth.  I don't think many people can say that they had the labor they always hoped for!  I wanted so much to be unmedicated and experience the process of giving birth, and I am so happy that I was able to acheive that. 
Thank you for the yoga classes that got me and baby ready for the big day.  Thank you for bringing your wisdom and kindness (and music!) into our delivery room.  Thank you for staying with me after the birth when I was so scared, and for holding the baby while I was unable to.  Thank you for all the phone calls after we brought the baby home to share in our happiness and confusion about feeding. 
You are a star, and will always be in our hearts.  I can't wait for Mommy and Me Yoga, and I hope we get to do this together again someday!!"     - Sarah Catania

On post partum doula support:

I wanted to thank you again for helping me last week.  It was so wonderful to have your calm presence and experience guide me through my first week on my own with my daughter.  Thank you for helping me get out of the house, take walks, and care for my daughter.  Thank you for your awesome cooking! I really like the idea of babywearing and will be doing it as much as I can. The sling has worked a lot of the time with her, I'm really looking forward to trying out my other sling once it arrives.  Most of all, thank you for talking to me and listening to me for hours. Please stay in touch and whenever you want to come visit Tamsin we'd love to see you. 

Thank you! - Kirsten Dial

On Mommy and Me classes:

“By the way, Hayden and I went to Mommy and Me yoga last week. We had a blast, Khefri-the class is amazing! Christina and I are planning to go next Tuesday and would love to see more of you there! And please don't be worried about your baby crying as I know I was, Hayden and all the other babies cried and it was totally fine. Everyone is super supportive and understanding, what else would you expect from Khefri's class? - Lisa

On Prenatal Yoga classes:

I am so thrilled to have been a part of your prenatal yoga class. You have been a mentor and a source of strength and light during this very special phase of my life. I especially love the dancing and booty shaking you incorporate into class, it is so freeing and fun! Your class has also provided us women a true sense of community, which is something I feel we really need during pregnancy. Thank you so much for  the amazing techniques you taught me and your encouragement over the past several weeks. I cannot imagine a better way to be sent off into motherhood than last Tuesday's class, everyone said such loving and supportive things. I will take that blessing with me on Monday.Keep up the wonderful teachings, they are a true blessing! Thank you, - Lisa Lake