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Imagine your community event captured forever on a fine porcelain plate. Think how you will share your memories of that event with family and friends when you display the plate. Consider that same plate reminding you, your children and grandchildren of your special event for many years to come.

Kettlesprings has been helping communities, historical groups, churches, museums, and others commemorate special events, people, and places for more than 50 years.

Kettlesprings plates increase in value as time passes. A Kettlesprings plate is not just a great fundraiser, but a good collectible investment.

Kettlesprings mugs make an excellent, useful fund raiser or use them as a companion to sell with your plate design. Tiles and bells are other options to commemorate your event.

We use a hand applied overglaze process that is fired onto high quality porcelain plate bodies for permanency. (For those of you collecting Kettlesprings plates that were made before 1985, please see the history section.)

New plate orders may have up to nine scenes applied to the face of the plate, and up to 100 words of copy on the reverse. Allow approximately 8 weeks for us to create, fire and deliver your design, or 4 weeks for reorders.

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Westerville, OH customers

Westerville, OH, "Celebrate Westerville" Commemorative Plate

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