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Tank: 60 gallon acrylic aquarium, with an opening cut out of the front using a saber saw, and a glass panel installed and kept in place with an aluminum U-channel glued to tank along the bottom of the opening, and two window screen swivel brackets on the upper top corners. The U-channel sits on a square acrylic rod cemented to the tank to make a ledge. There is a drain pipe in the lower left corner of the front, that will eventually lead to a sump. The top opening is covered with aluminum screen in an aluminum window frame, and held in place with swivel brackets that are screwed into the acrylic. Foam rubber insulating strips are used to provide a tight seal between the glass panel and the opening's edges. 

Lights: 4-foot shoplight fixture, with two 40-watt tubes. I use lights that have gotten too old to use over my reef tank, but still work. A timer is used to turn the lights on late in the day, so the tanks will still be lit when I get home from work. 

Substrate: Drainage provided by plastic eggcrate raised on PVC pipe sections, covered with fiberglass window screen and black plastic WeedBlock material. The coverings are glued directly to the tank bottom with hot glue to prevent animals from getting under them. Coconut fiber covers the WeedBlock. The back of the tank is also covered with coconut fiber, glued on with hot glue. 

Water: Circulation provided with a MicroJet pump, that sends water up a pipe, along the back, and down to a  piece of driftwood to produce a small waterfall. The entire front of the tank is a water portion, though the water extends under the land areas too. The water drains down through a screened plastic bulkhead to a sump where a pump sends the water back up to the tank. A heater is used in the tank itself, to prevent it from being left dry in case the sump's water level gets too low. 

Plants: Philodendron scandens, Peperomia caperata 'Ruby Ripple,' Neoregelia 'Fireball,' Neoregelia 'Gorrion,' Cryptathus 'It,' Guzmania 'Empire,' Alocasia 'Black Velvet,' Pilea microphylla and P. spruceana 'Norfolk,' Pellionia pulchra, Fittonia verschaffeltii argyroneura, Sinningia 'Freckles,' Stromanthe sp., Spathiphyllum, assorted terrestrial mosses and ferns, Tillandsia bulbosa and T. filifera, Pleurothallis tribuloides, Psymorchis pusilla, Apendicula sp., Aeschynanthus marmoratus, and Episcia sp. Planning to add aquatic and bog plants. 

Animals: Three Dendrobates leucomelas, two Phyllobates vittatus and one Hyperolius sp. froglet. 



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