Right side
The right side of the vivarium is dominated by terrestrial plants surrounding the waterfall. In the back right corner are a miniature Spathiphyllum which is just barely visible here, and a Stromanthe (the one with dark patterns on silvery leaves) which is a type of prayer plant. Prayer plants are so-called because they fold up their leaves at night, like hands held in prayer. A Pilea spruceana 'Norfolk' in a pot sits in the water in the front right corner, where it hides a tube of fruitfly culture. A halved coconut shell is nestled under all these plants for the frogs to hide in. There is also a space behind the waterfall that is a favorite frog hangout, which is why I keep the Alocasia potted to give me access to that area if necessary. Hanging from the top of the vivarium are some twigs with orchids growing on them. Their position maximizes the amount of light they get, to help them bloom. The orchids share the twigs with some tillandsias. 
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