How To Clean the Frog Tank 
(also known as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride)
Contributed by Dave Calkins

I have a friend who was frog sitting a small ornamental firebelly toad for another friend which lead to this story.

Clean out your sink and do up all dishes.
Make sure counters are clean.

Place frog tank in sink. When frog tank does not fit in sink, carefully balance it across the sink.

Remove lid. Where is lid? How does lid come off? Shake tank to see how lid comes off. Knock lid to floor.

Release frog.

Where is frog?

Check garbage disposal.

Do not use garbage disposal.

Do not frighten daycare children.

Do not let daycare children assist in frog search in garbage disposal.

Roll up a paper towel and slide it down into disposal carefully so as to not frighten frog anymore than necessary.


Wait some more.

Push back rubber cover on disposal to see if frog is still inside.

Jump back wildly and scream as frog jumps up in your face.

Fall in heap on daycare children.

Grab paper towel and crouch down.

Leap (like frog), place paper towel on frog, scoop him up and return him to tank.

Replace lid.

Replace spilled poopy frog water with fresh water.

Return tank to table.

Take Prozac and rest.

I died laughing when I read this and the writer said that I could post this to you all, but it does raise an important issue when traveling, train your frog sitters.



by Ilene Seivert

I pay my animal and plant sitter $10 an hour, so he will not be tempted to skip steps and skimp service.  That includes his travel time.  This is a man I trust and he is a tenant of and old friend of my daughter. As she can put him on the street or take him out (she has a 2nd degree black belt in tae quan do) he doesn't dare offend her mom. ; )

None does the job as well as you do and you must be tolerant of some accidents.  I have more accidents with plants than frogs but it can happen because some of the things you take for granted may be unknown to your sitter.  One phyllomedusine frog was crushed in a lid closing by a sitter who didn't know how sneakily such frogs can travel. 

I post notes on each tank about number of inhabitants, frequency of feeding what size food, etc. If the individual frog is a nervous jumper it is noted on the tank. With a new sitter I put a horizontal line of tape to indicate water level.  I demonstrate feeding with them and vitamin dusting.  I post emergency numbers on the fridge for where I'll be and when, and when on the road I call and check every couple of days, reminding of things in the usual Jewish mother way. 

The biggest fright for long trips is running out of live food and by bringing my cricket purveyers phone no. and Ed's Fly Meat no. I can order for my sitter who has been told what to do with the boxes.  I bring supplies normally kept in the basement to make his job faster.  Unfortunately it is impossible to get perfect plant watering from a person who doesn't know individual plant needs well. You just have to know that a hibiscus does not want to get dry but a euphorbia should dry between waterings.  But one does try to keep plants of similar needs together. 

Once you have a good sitter be very good to him.  But do not think that they know things you know or think as you do.  Don't forget the rules of your house such as NO SMOKING EVER.  But soften restrictions by leaving snacks and soda in the frig for them.  I tell Chris if he wants to veg out in front of our TV, on his own time, it is welcome for making the house look lived in.

Gleaned from FrogNet

Tadpoles On Vacation
by Lars Ísterdahl

Some months ago I posted a request for ideas for An Easy Slumber Baby Frog Feeder. I got some tips, but not the High-Tech solution I had anticipated from a Nation that put Man on the moon.

Something like:

(Obviously this is a one-time only setup)

Contest is still open!

(Been a hot day in Sweden today)

You know you're a frognut if it takes you two extra days to get ready to go on a trip.  Got to make sure all the frogs are well taken care of.  And then on said trip, you call home every day to make sure the frogs are okay!