By April E. Johnson 

Gourmet Crickets for "Pop-i" (Chaco Horned Frog) 

It all started out simple enough. After my "save this poor frog" purchase of "Pop-i" at a local pet hovel (see footnote 1.), I was getting my crickets at a bait shop for about 10 cents each. (The pet hovel was out of crickets.)  This went well for about 4 - 6 weeks and then the bait shop went out of the cricket business for the season. (The pet hovel was still out of crickets.) I caught two house crickets. I drove 80 miles to the nearest large city - no crickets there either. 

I really wanted to resist buying large quantities of crickets, but Pop-i was not responding to any other food temptations. I got so worried about not being able to get him interested in anything that I finally had to start putting night crawlers in his mouth. Through the Internet I located a cricket business and placed the minimum order (500 crickets) and what with 
shipping and all they cost me $17.50. My troubles were not over. While waiting for the cricket shipment to arrive I tried hunting them on the farm and in the house again - no luck. (The pet hovel was still out of crickets.) 

Finally the post office has the C.O.D. cricket order for me to pick up. I paid my $17.50 and suddenly I realize that I have no facilities to keep crickets! I raced to the pet hovel and offered to give them the crickets if they would house them and let me have some of them as needed. Somehow, about 30 min. later, I left the pet hovel with $38.00 worth of cricket keeping equipment. 

I went home and fed Pop-i his first Gourmet Cricket at the bargin price of only $55.50! 

1. Hovel - a small, miserable dwelling