Dendrobates leucomelas 
Here are two of the frogs that live in this vivarium. The bigger one is a male, who just happens to be the first dart frog I ever got. I bought him as a reportedly wild-caught adult at a reptile show in San Diego, CA back in 1995 (I think!). At the time, my only source of information about dart frogs was some herp magazine aticles and Ralf Heselhaus' book. I spent a year reading about the frogs before I bought a pair of them, but unfortunately the female died when I went out of town for a few days several months later. I got a replacement for her in 1996, but that one recently died as well from a wasting disease where she kept eating but steadily lost weight.  The smaller one is still of undetermined sex, but I'm hoping it's a female. This captive-bred youngster was purchased at a reptile show in Orange County just last month. Both frogs are quite active, and eat anything from springtails and fruitflies to small waxworms and crickets. 
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