Epiphytes on log
The Peperomia (to the left, with corrugated leaves) needs excellent drainage, otherwise it has a tendency to go limp and rot. Allowing it to grow like it does in nature, as an epiphyte, helps prevent it from turning to mush. A Neoregelia 'Gorrion' pup (white-striped leaves) has been added. I haven't had luck with this variety before, trying to grow it outside the vivarium. Hopefully this time, the pup will root and thrive. Behind the epiphyte logs are two vines; Philodendron scandens which is now rooting into the coconut fiber background, and Cissus discolor, which has colorful Begonia-like leaves. 
In the front left corner are two pots sitting in the water. One contains the tip cuttings taken when the Fittonia was pruned. Another is a pot of Pellionia pulchra which seems to grow well even with its roots under water. In fact, its trailing stems are rooting in the water, which will make taking cuttings really easy. 
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