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Ryan Arndt

ryan's terrarium
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     This is the sliding glass terrarium I made from scratch.  It measures 30"l x 24"h x 18"w.  It houses two Dendrobates auratus.  It is a false bottom setup.  On the walls are the coco panel from T+C terrariums.  Pothos, other philodendron plants, vines, and tons of bromeliads thrive in it.  Perforated aluminum is on top and in front for the ventilation.

     Here is a 10 gallon aquarium turned on its side with a hinges screen door.  It houses an Orange legged monkey frog (Phylomedusa hypochindrialis).  It has live moss on the bottom, a cork backwall, with tons of bromeliads and orchids, as well as pothos.  The photo on the right is a close up of the top of the terrarium.  If you look closely at the middle bromeliad, you can see the frog.

     Here is a 55 gal vivarium.  It housed 3 D. auratus, before my cat destroyed it.  Now the remaining 2 auratus are in the sliding front vivarium.  This tank had a false bottom with live moss, pothos, ferns, different philodenderon and a few large bromeliads.  Two of the frogs are in the foreground.


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