Trip to San Diego
July, 1999
Photos by Ken Uy 
The IRBA show was held at the Convention Center. Not too crowded this time, but there was a nice selection of herps. 
Customers at the Reptile Specialties booth had to look hard to find the chameleons that were in large net cages. 
The colorful mantellas and dart frogs also attracted  lot of attention.  John Uhern was there to give good advice on the frogs. 
These large round objects were a hit.  Animated golf balls?
They're giant Madagascar pillbugs!
Speaking of bugs, ED's Fly Meat was there with their wares .
Black Jungle had a nice display of vivarium supplies. 
They had a few vivariums to give you an idea of how to use the many plants that they had for sale. 
After the show, we headed for Kay Klausing's place. This is a view of his neat frogroom. Totally unlike mine!
Here are some of Kay's nicely landscaped partitioned vivariums. 
More of Kay's vivariums.  See that speck at the bottom of the vivarium on the right side? 
It's a Dendrobates azureus waiting to be fed.  Some of the frogs were quite bold. 
These mint green Phyllobates terribilis actually came out of hiding when I stepped close. 
They all crowded near the feeding dish.
This is Kay's Epipedobates silverstonei vivarium. The cup inside holds some froglets!
The adult silverstonei go into hiding when it gets warmer, but I was able to get a picture of one.
Baby silverstonei are quite tiny compared to their parents.  
Here's a cobalt Dendrobates tinctorius froglet, bred by Kay. Kay also produces some fine D. galactonotus, but I forgot to take some pictures.
On the way home, I got to see this frog collection. This is a Frog Lover's living room. This isn't even all the tanks in the room; it's just a corner's worth! 
These are two of the Dendrobates imitator that I brought home from San Diego.
The End!

 Copyright © 1999 by Kenneth K. Uy. All rights reserved.