Shue & Voeks Inc.

Shue & Voeks, Inc. is a warehousing company in Flint, Michigan.  We have over 500,000 square feet of floor space in clean well maintained buildings.  The building are protected by sprinkler systems which meet NFPA standards along with electronic security systems.  The facilities have multiple truck docks and ground level doors with the capability to handle any style of trailer, and a rail dock able to accommodate eight cars per switch.

Shue & Voeks, Inc. has been in the warehousing business since 1948.  The experience gained through the years is blended with modern technology and practices to provide the highest quality warehousing service.  ISO 9002 certification assists in maintaining standards of practice that supervise the integrity of your product from receipt to delivery.  Computer controlled inventory integrated with checks and balances provides accurate information on the product in-house.  The database also tracks all shipments for traceability purposes, and EDI communication is available for logistical information.  The modern technology helps Shue & Voeks keep it's original goal to maintain the product's quality in a cost effective manner.

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