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Kenna McHugh

Welcome Winter Sunset

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Kenna McHugh is an established freelance writer living in California. Her writing credits include the published book, BREAKING INTO FILM, three screenplays, seven produced plays and numerous articles on  indoor plant care, government technology, health and fitness and alternative medicine. 
Her play, SHE'LL GET HERS, was read at University of Texas at San Antonio where it received much praise and admiration. SHE'LL GET HERS was performed in Philadelphia, Sacramento and other cities.
"I love the challenge of writing because the end does satisfy the means.  The writer is a valuable being. If the words aren't there the message isn't received.  It is as simple as that.  Give me a circumstance, a theme and away I go at my keyboard."
That is just what Kenna McHugh is doing. She is writing daily and can be reached by email.
"I love deadlines and working as a team player."



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Yes, I wrote this book. Check it out at Amazon.


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